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Ryan Gosling's Face Gets BEAT In Only God Forgives Teaser! WATCH HERE!

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You're making us oh so anxious in this brand spankin' new teaser for Only God Forgives

Cause we know what your FACE is gonna look like after you undergo a rather vicious beating!

Ch-ch-check out this mini-preview to Ryan Gosling's upcoming dark and violent Thai gangster film, Only God Forgives. It follows a Bangkok police lieutenant as he tries to serve justice to a local gangster using his FISTS in a Thai boxing ring.

And as we've seen, Ryan's visage does NOT fare too well during the match! We hope that perfect pout of his doesn't get TOO swollen and bloodied!

Oh wait, we are confusing movies with real life again. Oopsiez.

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Get Your Red Band Trailer Of Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters RIGHT HERE!!!

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This January 25th one of the greatest fairy tales is coming to a theater near you!!

From the title we're guessing it won't be a strict adaptation, but Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters looks hawt and as sexy as a chopped salad!

Jeremy Renner & Gemma Arterton will star in this next potential blockbuster and from the looks of the trailer - we think it has got a great shot!!!

See for yourself.

Ch-ch-check out the RED BAND trailer by clicking PLAY directly (above) !!!

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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Gets A Red Band Trailer HERE!!

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Do you like movies with absurd premises that are just sooooo out there that they start to sound really good? Do you like violence? Fairy tales?


Of course you do, and we're probably talking to nobody right now because everyone has already hit play (above) on the brand new, very red-band trailer for Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters!

For those of you who haven't — why not? It looks fab, and Gemma Arterton is all kinds of fierce and gorgeous!

Too bad it doesn't open until January 25th… we could use a little more Renner in our lives!


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Chris Brown Sees Red… & Shows Off A Naked, Bloody Woman!

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Chris Brown Bloody Woman Shoot 1

Chris Brown is back to getting his directorial swag on!

The Don’t Wake Me Up crooner took to Twitter yesterday and today to let fans in on a music video he’s directing for the rock group U.G.L.Y., who is signed to his label!

Breezy tweeted some pics from the Red shoot, which left many questioning why he would remind others of his violent past with Rihanna!

Check out the pic Chris tweeted on set (above)!!

Chris also sent out another shot of a bloodied woman (below)!

Hmm… we’re not quite sure this was the smartest move, especially with such gory imagery… ! Wonder who thought this was a good idea?!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Flying Bottle Victim Speaks Out On Bloody Chris Brown-Drake Fight!!

chris brown wip fight flying bottle victimHollie C is NOT happy about some "stupid famous people" cracking her head open in the middle of their "stupid" fight over "some girl!"

As you may have already read, this is the 24-year-old Aussie who was caught in the flying bottle crossfire of Chris Brown's bloody rage with Drake's entourage.

Gurl had to get 16 stylish stitches in her head because of it AND a tetanus shot! What a way to spend your holiday!!

So now she's philosophizing on it all, saying the best thing we've heard in recent memory:

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Baby, Nooo! Justin Bieber's Bloodied & Bruised For Complex

justin-bieber-complex-magazine-10th-anniversary-cover-2012-1.jpg justin-bieber-complex-magazine-10th-anniversary-cover-2012-2.jpg


Complex magazine is celebrating their 10th anniversary by beating the crap out of Justin Bieber. But don't worry Beliebers, it's just a little fake blood and stage makeup!

When he wasn't taking blows to the face Justin opened up about his love life, the paparazzi and his "feminine" qualities.

Here are some

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Patrick Schwarzenegger Gets Hurt In Skiing Accident!


Ahhh! This looks serious!

Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, tweeted the above picture of him lying on a stretcher after a skiing accident in Sun Valley, Idaho over the weekend.

He was obviously feeling well enough to post the picture, but he did include a pic of a really nasty cut just above his butt. Yikes!!

Patrick tweeted out:

"Little ski accident today. Some bruises and stiches down back and but (sic). Thanks to sun valley doctors for everything."

Glad everything's okay!

What is it with the Schwarzenegger boys?

Just a few months ago, his little bro Christopher Schwarzenegger was hospitalized after getting injured while boogie-boarding.

Be careful out there!

P.S. If you wanna see a close-up of Patrick's injury, look below! Beware! It's bloody and yucky!

[Image via Twitter.]

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