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Snakes On A Train!

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Snake found on a train

This incident wasn't nearly as thrilling as a Samuel L. Jackson movie, but still kind of scary!

A Boston woman lost her Dumeril's boa constrictor, named Penelope, while riding a city transit train on January 7th and it has just been found almost a month later on the same train.

The details are a little fuzzy as to exactly how the woman managed to lose her snake in the first place, but she says she lost it while riding with the reptile around her neck.

After checking Penelope several times during the ride, the snake suddenly disappeared!

We're a little confused as to how a snake manages to just slither away unnoticed while wrapped around a neck, but hey, it happens.

The woman searched the train with staff, but had no luck finding it.

We can only imagine passengers reaction when Penelope showed up on a Red Line train on Thursday!

After the sighting, the train was taken out of service and searched, during which a train attendant found poor Penelope who is said to be in good health.

Crazzyyy! We'd freak out if we saw a random snake just hanging out on a train!

What about U?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Boa Constrictor Found In Car


This would not be fun to deal with when getting into your car in the morning!

A 9-foot long boa constrictor was found wrapped around the engine of a car in Lancaster, California.

Check out this clip to see the snake!

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Snake Gives Virgin Birth To Babies!

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snake gives birth to virgin babies

What an incredible story!

A female boa constrictor has given birth to 22 baby snakes…with no father!

Invertebrates, such as insects, are able produce offspring without mating, by cloning themselves, but this is VERY rare in vertebrates.

In 2006, two komodo dragons were discovered that had produced eggs without being fertilized by sperm, and in 2007, scientists found captive female hammerhead sharks that could reproduce asexually as well.

Other than those instances though…this is a pretty rare occurrence!

Looks like snakes have gotten rid of the necessity for men in their world! LOLs.

Absolutely Fascinating!

[Image via WENN.]

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