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And That's Why They Call It A Deadlift! Muscle Man Faints Mid-Workout!

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Who said weightlifting wasn't a contact sport??

A bodybuilder with 538 pounds in awesome beard weights finished his deadlift but FAINTED after dropping the barbell to the floor!

Ouch!!! Gotta remember to breathe, broseph!

Take a peek at the video (above) to watch this yolked-up back-up dancer for ZZ Top guy experience the ultimate gym faux pas!!

Maybe it wasn't the workout that made all that blood leave his brain — maybe it the CRUSHING sounds of Led Zeppelin, LOLz!!

We hope you're alright dude — make sure and wear a helmet new time!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger May Be Removed From National Fitness Hall Of Fame

Arnold Schwarzenegger May Be Removed From National Fitness Hall Of Fame

The fitness community is PISSED at Arnold Schwarzenegger!

After finding out about Arnold's mistress and illegitimate child, the ruling body of the National Fitness Hall of Fame is considering punishing him.

A message released by the Hall of Fame read:

“We here at The National Fitness Hall of Fame have received an overwhelming amount of feedback, from the public, expressing many emotions from disapproval and disgust to abhorrence and hatred. Cries to remove Arnold from The National Fitness Hall of Fame are many and far reaching.”

Although not everyone is upset with Arnold.

Said Joe Pietaro, founding editor of MuscleSport Magazine:

“The fitness/bodybuilding world absolutely still has his back. What happened to Arnold and Maria is their business and no one should pass judgment. Arnold was and will always be a hero to the entire bodybuilding and fitness community for his accomplishments in Hollywood and politics.”

What do U think? Should Arnold be punished by the Hall of Fame?

[Image via Beiny/Slater/WENN.com.]

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Quote Of The Day

Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote of the day

"I feel s - - - ty when I look at myself in the mirror. I'm not competing, I'm not ripping off my shirt and trying to sell the body . . . when I stand in front of the mirror and really look, I wonder: What the [bleep] happened here? Jesus Christ. What a beating!"

- Arnold Schwarzenegger to the New York Post on aging.

[Image via WENN.]

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Paris Hilton Getting Into Body Building

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Paris Hilton Getting Into Body Building

We did not see this coming!

Paris Hilton is currently dating fitness buff Cy Waits and has picked up a few tricks from him — specifically, body building.

Says a source:

“Paris has always preferred to stick to dieting all the time to maintain her figure. But since she’s been dating Cy, she’s got the bug. It’s a massive turnaround and now she’s working out so much that she’s often been seen on the treadmill drinking a milkshake.”

Because of how much she’s working out, Paris is able to indulge a little more than she used to:

“Paris has always loved junk food, but before she started working out to this extent, she had to deny her cravings. Now she feels she can indulge once in a while, as she’s burning so many calories. And she's loving her results. “

Love it! Combining exercise and healthy eating is the best way to stay healthy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Arnold Hits Up Canadian Speech Circuit


What else does he have to do these days?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is hitting the speech circuit in Canada to discuss green energy solutions, along with his experience in movies and bodybuilding.

The former California governor will make stops in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal from January 25 to 27

"On his first speaking tour, the governor will talk to the Montreal business community about his career in politics, movies and bodybuilding," said the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal.

In Montreal, Arnold will give a speech titled, "Will innovation and green technologies save the global economy?"

The city's board of trade cited Schwarzenegger's "sweeping political reforms, historic investments in California's crumbling infrastructure, and the most comprehensive greenhouse gas policy in the world."

Tickets will range between $275 and $1,200.

Yikes! Will U be attending?!

[Image via WENN.]

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