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Why Your Alarm Clock May Be Making You Feel Terrible In The Morning

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Don't hit the snooze button!

If you find yourself constantly waking up groggy and feeling miserable for the first hour of your day, it may be time for a change, so consider giving this expert advice a shot!

First of all, sleep expert Dr. Neil Stanley does not advise taking advantage of that all-to-tempting snooze button on your alarm, saying:

"If you hit the snooze button you may go back into deep sleep and you’re not supposed to wake from deep sleep — you’re supposed to pass to the lighter preparation stage first, then open your eyes. So snoozing creates a huge shock to the body and it makes you feel awful. If you wake up feeling worse, you’ll only be tempted to hit snooze again and then you’re in for a vicious cycle."

Dr. Stanley also advises learning how to rely on your body's alarm clock instead of the one you bought at Target, continuing:

"The body loves rhythm and predictability. Most tiredness happens because we are very bad at sticking to regular bedtimes — going to bed and getting up at the same time every day…If your body doesn’t have rhythm, it doesn’t know when you’re waking up and so it doesn’t prepare like this. The alarm goes off and your body’s not ready, and that’s why you feel so exhausted."

In order to take advantage of our body's clock, first we need to set a healthy rhythm, so the expert recommends:

"If you set your alarm for the same time every day — even weekends and holidays — in a matter of weeks your body will accurately be able to tell the time."

Sounds like it's worth a shot to us!

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