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Rihanna Slams Armani Butt Double Reports!

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Don't mess with Rihanna!!!

The girl went OFF on Monday after hearing reports that she used Irish model Jahnassa Aicken as her body/butt double in an Armani ad.

She certainly wasn't going to let this one slide, so, in typical Rihanna fashion, she fired back at the claims with some eloquent tweets

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Andrej Pejic Is Hot, Sticky, Sweet In The Pages Of Candy


Andrej Pejic is the epitome of fierce!

The androgynous model has once again proved he's the hottest in the biz in his newest editorial for Candy magazine.

Andrej was photographed as both a man and a woman by Ali Mahdavi and dressed in some risqué ensembles by Suzanna Von Aichinger.

At one point he even goes topless! Seksi!

Check out the rest of Andrej Pejic's Candy spread (below)!

[Images via Candy magazine]

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Uh Oh J.Lo! Have You Been Busted???

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As J.Lo poetically tells us how much she loves the Bronx in this Fiat commercial, we see her driving through her old blocks with a reminiscent smile on her face.

…or IS she driving through the Bronx??

Sources are coming forward, insisting the commercial is a sham. According to them, J.Lo didn't make the trip to the home she says she loves so much.

Instead, she supposedly filmed in Los Angeles while Fiat hired a body double for the shots that couldn't be faked in Hollywood.

Now, a lot of things are faked in Hollywood, but the big deal with this one is how she's going on and on about how she personally loves the Bronx. But according to these reports, Jenny from the Block was too busy to visit that block!

Watch the commercial above and see what U think of it!

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Did RPatz Use A Body Double To Bone KStew In Breaking Dawn?!


We wouldn't be surprised!

God bless him, but he is kind of a scrawny little runt! A SEKSI, LICKABLE scrawny little runt, but one all the same!

Ever since footage of Robert Pattinson giving it good to Kristen Stewart appeared in the trailer of their upcoming movie, Breaking Dawn, many were more than a little shocked to see the actor's apparently ripped, MUSCULAR back and arms pretty much crushing the headboard of the bed with his passion!

So much so, in fact, that it begs the question - is our RPatz using a body double in this scene?!

Check out the side-by-side comparison of his bod (above)!

Hmm…we tend to think that he very well may HAVE, but we'll leave it up to discussion!

What do U think?? Is that really RPatz getting his freak on??

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Brit Brit's Till The World Ends Body Double Revealed!

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Check out this compilation video of the different scenes slowed down of Brit Brit's alleged dance double during the Till The World Ends music video shoot, who is said to be choreographer's assistant Tiana Brown (above)!

It's pretty fast shots, and her face is always sort of obscured…so it's hard to really tell what exactly's going on!

That being said, these are quick shots interspersed throughout the video, all very minor - so if it IS in fact someone else - who the eff cares? It still looks as though Brit Brit did most of the dancing herself!

It's not like they're trying to make it look like she was dancing like she used to, when there's none of that in the video.

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Watch Natalie Portman Dance As A Pre-Teen!

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You can take back those ridiculous "5% dancing" claims, Miss Black Swan body double!

Natalie Portman clearly has dancing skillz as seen in the (above) video where Natalie tap danced her little ass off at the Stage Door Manor Performing Arts Summer Camp in the Catskills, New York back in the early '90s.

You can see her in action around 2:30. Prepare to be amazed.

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Did Britney Use A Dance Double For Till The World Ends?

Oh boy. Here we go again.

Britney Spears only just debuted her latest music video for the second single off of Femme Fatale, called 'Till The World Ends, and already there have been multiple reports that during some of the dance sequences, a body double was used in her place!

Apparently, sources close to the production of the video have pegged choreographer and frequent Brit Brit back-up dancer Tiana Brown as gurlfriend's dancing double - who was used to help move the shooting schedule along - but within hours, the pop star's team had flagged the claim as BS.

Check out a compilation of all Britney's dancing in the latest video (above)!

We can't really see too many shots where they could get away with using someone else, and none of the dancing here seems like it's anything Britney couldn't do herself, even now…so we're not really sure what to think!

What do U think?? Is Britney using a dance double??

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