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Christie Brinkley's Daughter Slams Super Skinny Models!

christie brinkley sailor cook model 15 skinny weight

Sailor Brinkley Cook, daughter of Christie Brinkley, might be the offspring of a supermodel, but she is NOT down with what a lot of supermodels are doing with their bodies! Learning from her own weight loss, she does NOT support the super skinny look!

At 15, Sailor has her mind right! In the August 2013 issue of Teen Vogue, she takes some shots at super skinny models as being “unwomanly." That's a little far, but we'd definitely say 'unheatlhy' wouldn't be far off base!!

Here's what she said, 99% of which is SPOT ON:

“It was only recently that I wanted to get into modeling. I said, ‘Mom, should I diet?’ and she was like, ‘No! You don’t need to be skinny, you just need to be happy with yourself and confident and fit.’ All of her photos really show that. She was like a goddess.

“I feel like models today have turned into sticks, and it’s so unwomanly, I am for models who are healthy and have a personality. You shouldn’t just be a piece of cardboard. When I started out, models were the proverbial clothes hangers. You were just to be quiet, put the clothes on and do as you were told.”

She's 15!! Such insight and wisdom for someone so young… and such a healthy outlook!

We'll always be proponents of people being healthy, and that includes having a healthy body image for themselves. Your own happiness is sooooo important!

Keep it up, kid!

[Image via IZZY/WENN.]

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Amanda Bynes Continues To Go On & On About Going Under The Knife AGAIN To Fix 'Birth Defect'!

amanda bynes plastic surgery second nose job

Oh no!

It's happening again!

As if we weren't worried enough about her, Amanda Bynes is on yet another Twitter rant about her need for plastic surgery and announce that she will be going under the knife once more to "fix" her nose.

The troubled starlet is now trying to justify her obsession with going under the knife by comparing her cosmetic procedures to serious birth defects like cleft lips.

Miss Bynes explained:

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Salma Hayek On Pregnancy Weight, Called Herself 'Disfigured!'

salma hayek baby weight pregnancy disfigured negative word preggers baby body image

Just because you gain weight while you're pregnant, that does NOT mean that you're disfigured! We wonder if Salma Hayek actually meant to say it that way, because she totally did.

While talking about her 2007 pregnancy with Valentina, she (accidentally, maybe!) made normal weight gain sound like an evil thing:

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Cheryl Cole Praises Kim Kardashian's Pregnant Bod Over Twitter!

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kim kardashian cheryl cole twitter

After all the criticism Kim Kardashian received for her pregnancy weight gain, she needs all the support she can get!

And of course, Kimmy found an ally in sweetie pie Cheryl Cole when she took to Twitter to defend the reality star and her ever-growing baby bump.

The Fight For This Love singer tweeted:

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Kim Kardashian Thanks Cheryl Cole For Having Her Back! And Her Bump!

kim kardashian cheryl cole baby bump pregnancy curves

Kim Kardashian may feel like she is getting attacked from all sides about her pregnant curves lately, but she does have some tough defenders in her corner!

Brit superstar Cheryl Cole shared a special message

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Kelly Osbourne Still Thinks She's A Chunky Thang, Even After Losing 70 Pounds!!

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kelly osbourne still thinks shes fat(1)

Kelly Osbourne is so silly!

It hasn't been that long since the Fashion Police star dropped 70 pounds, but according to her, she still thinks she's "fat."

Miz Osbourne is covering the May issue of SELF, and in it, she reveals:

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Lena Dunham Would Only Want A Victoria's Secret Model's Body For One Reason: Free Food!

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lena dunham playboy interview models body

Well this is a first!

Most women would kill to have the body of a Victoria's Secret model, but not Lena Dunham!

The award-winning Girls star said in her Playboy interview:

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