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Demi Lovato Reveals How Wilmer Valderrama Kept Her In Check When She Was Dealing With Body Issues & Substance Abuse

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A little over a month ago, Demi Lovato celebrated her third year anniversary of being sober and thanked someone special in the process.

That someone special is Wilmer Valderrama — and the songstress would not be where she is today if it weren't for him!

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Dems is currently on her world tour in Australia, so she of course stopped by Kyle And Jackie O's show on KIIS 106.5 Tuesday to talk about her relationship with the former That 70s Show star!

The Nightingale singer opened up about the difficult time in their relationship when she was dealing with her personal issues.

Demicorn said:

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Amanda Bynes Admits To An Eating Disorder & Slams Media (Again)!

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amanda bynes eating disorder

Oh no!! This is extremely sad!

Amanda Bynes, who has arguably transformed herself into someone almost unrecognizable from the girl who charmed us in roles like She's The Man and Hairspray (not to mention most movies/shows she's ever been in!), took to Twitter Thursday…

And not only did she bash media outlets (once again) for their constant coverage of her eccentricities, but she also admitted to having an EATING DISORDER, claiming it's "hard to stay thin."

The retired actress tweets:

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Demi Lovato Reveals In Stay Strong Special That She Felt Fat At Four!

Demi Lovato fat at 4

It's so sad to think that Demi Lovato has been dealing with these body issues since she was just a little kid, but since that can only mean SO MANY other little girls are too, we're glad she is opening up about them.

During MTV's Demi Lovato: Stay Strong, the actress and singer revealed that she began considering herself "fat" at just 4-years-old, admitting:

“When I was four years old, I remember looking in the mirror and running my fingers over my stomach and thinking I was fat."

Ugh! No child should EVER feel like that. It's such a shame that our society has pressured young and innocent minds into being so negative about their own body image. Fortunately, the Skyscraper singer finally got the help she needed in rehab last year, but still considers herself a work in progress, explaining:

“People think you’re like a car in a body shop. You go in, they fix you and you’re out. It doesn’t work like that. It takes constant fixing.”

For example, she shared that she had trouble digesting her Thanksgiving dinner shortly after being released from rehab. However, her stomach wasn't the problem — it was her mind! The Disney star told the cameras that she felt guilty after eating so much, saying:

“I think the thought of all the food I ate on Thanksgiving was still in my head. I didn’t think that I was going to make it the whole day without throwing up.”

Like others suffering from her condition, Demi has a long road ahead of her, but we totally believe in her and hope U do too!

If you're ever feeling similar symptoms and think for one second that it might be because of an eating disorder, take Demi's lead and PLEASE get help!

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LeAnn Rimes Says She 'Was Fat' While Defending Weight Loss On Chelsea Lately

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This was a slightly awkward interview, considering Chelsea Handler notoriously insulted LeAnn Rimes in the past, but the country singer went on the show anyway!

The tabloid fixation appeared on Chelsea Lately to talk about her divorce, her new CD, and, oh yeah, all that weight she lost!

LeAnn explained that her current figure is simply the result of growing up and she may appear extra thin to some because she was "fat" in her younger days.

We don't know what pictures or mirror she has been looking at over the years, but she continued to describe herself as having "baby fat," which she lost when she "grew up".

She acknowledges she is a lot thinner than she used to be, but contributes it to aging and working out.

Check out the entire interview above and let us know if U buy LeAnn's explanation for her dramatic weight loss over the last year. Also, was she EVER fat? We don't think so!

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Jane Fonda Suffered From Bulimia And Body Issues

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Jane Fonda was the poster girl for fitness and health all throughout the '70s and '80s.

You would never know that she battled with bulimia for most of her life.

Growing up in the '50s, Jane talks about growing up with poor body image. She says:

"I was raised in the ’50s. I was taught by my father that how I looked was all that mattered, frankly. He was a good man, and I was mad for him, but he sent messages to me that fathers should not send: Unless you look perfect, you’re not going to be loved."

Poor Jane. It must have been extremely difficult to grow up with a parent who set such high standards. It was most likely one of the reasons why she battled bulimia for decades. She continued:

"I wasn’t very happy from, I would say, puberty to 50? It took me a long time. It was in my 40s, and if you suffer from bulimia, the older you get, the worse it gets. It takes longer to recover from a bout. I had a career, I was winning awards, I was supporting nonprofits, I had a family. I had to make a choice: I live or I die."

Thanks to some wise words from Gloria Steinem, "Empowerment begins in the muscles," Jane refocused and tried to "fill that empty space with something." She adds:

"I’m vain. My arms are thin, but I’m vain about loose flesh. And so I’m careful that what I wear will show off my best parts, which are my waist and my butt. I have people in my life who will say, 'Honey, you’re trying too hard.' I like being saucy, but I’m 73 and a half. I’m still trying to find my way between matronly and coltishness. Colt, not cult: C-O-L-T."

Having a poor body image definitely stays with you no longer how old you are. Jane looks fantastic at 73, but we hope she continues to lead a healthy life and not resort to such extreme tactics.

You are always beautiful, Jane.

[Image via WENN.]

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There's A Nipple On A Foot!

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Foot Nipple

We hope you guys were ready for something gross.

Up there you have the world's first recorded foot nipple.

Yep. Foot nipple.

Only five percent of the population suffer from supernumerary breast tissue.

…but usually it's above the waist.

The foot nipple belongs to a 22 year old woman. Have been there since birth, she only recently went to get it checked out.

The doctors were stumped. They've seen third nipples pretty much everywhere above the waistline, but on the bottom of a foot?

Girlfriend's makin' history! Maybe she and Lily Allen should hang out.

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Janet Jackson Opens Up About Her Father, Claims Brothers Verbally Abusive

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Janet Jackson Opens Up About Her Father

Janet Jackson has had a tumultuous life — she has severe body issues ands a very distant father.

Said Jackson about her poor body image:

"I would literally bang my head up against the wall because I didn't feel attractive.There was a lot of pain in my life. But I did. I felt very unattractive."

She continued:

"I still have issues with it. I don't bang my head up against the wall, but I still have those moments. And I think it'll probably continue but at least I know how to deal with it now. And I'm in a much better space."

To make it worse, Michael Jackson and her brotehrs used to call her names like “Horse, pig, cow, slaughter-hog." Janet’s father was emotionally distant from her, telling her to call him Joseph instead of dad.

Growing up in any household where there’s a family band is going to mess with you a little — we’re glad she made it out alright!!

[Image via HRC/WENN.com.]

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