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Pets Join In On The Organic Food Trend

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dog food

Um… is this bone organic?

Pets be get'n snobby! Pet food aisles are starting to resemble their human counterparts, with natural and gourmet items increasingly taking up space. But owners should educate themselves on which foods really are a health benefit.

These days, our pets may be eating better than we are. Big-box pet stores and precious pet boutique shelves are increasingly stocked with gourmet edibles that are corn-free, wheat-free, locally sourced, byproduct-free, free-range, minimally processed and raw.

Many come with homey, inviting labels, and some look palatable even for humans.

At Petco, a number of locations now have a wood-floored store-within-a-store for natural foods.

BUT are they actually better?

So far organic pet food hasn't been proven with scientific research… but it makes your dog look soopa cool!

[Image via WENN.]

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A Dog Broke Morrissey's Finger

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Morissey dog bite

Oh no!

Singer and animal activist Morrissey has fractured his index finger after being attacked by a dog.

As he squabbles with fans and searches for a new label, the noted vegetarian was apparently confronted by a canine critic – sending the singer to hospital. Thankfully, the incident will not interrupt his tour.

According to his people:

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Sesame Street's Cure To Dog Depression

Filed under: Silly!Dog


Actually, we're pretty sure this is how most American's try to beat the blues. lol.

Our remedy for a sad pooch: more love and attention!

If that doesn't work THEN give him a snack.

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Aretha Franklin Fractures Toe On Tour

Filed under: InjuryAretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin injures toe


While on tour to promote her latest album, Falling Out Of Love, Aretha Franklin made an unscheduled pit stop at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis to x-ray her toe injured in an accident on Friday.

The Queen of Soul tripped over her Jimmy Choo spiked heels in her hotel suite and felt a sharp pain in her left index toe.

She says it "hurt like heck for a minute, but seemed to subside." However, x-rays a few days later revealed a fracture in the toe!

We're so sorry to hear that, but it sounds like things could have been worse for the music legend who said, "I'm so grateful it wasn't my right piano [pedal] foot."

She still has other problems on her mind though. As she was gearing up for a performance in Virginia on Tuesday night, she joked:

"How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?"

We're glad that's ALL she's worrying about, especially after her mysterious health scare last year, which required serious surgery!

Good luck at the show, Aretha! We're sure you'll find some way to stylishly rock that wooden blue hospital shoe!

Image via WENN.]

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Tom Brady Plays With Puppy

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tom brady plays with do

So cute… and yet, so sexy.

This is right up there with the firefighter giving oxygen to a kitten!

Gisele Bundchen‘s hot hubby Tom Brady had some fun in the park Thursday with his dog Lua.

However, Tom was being paid to have fun.

The NFL player was shooting a commercial for UGG’s boots, which will be the footwear brand’s first commercial in the United States geared towards men.

Brady was using a unique camera called a huge boner Snorri Body Cam to shoot POV scenes of himself playing with his dog in the park while wearing the new Rockville boot for the campaign which will be called The Man Under the Helmet.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Q & A With Our Very Own Dog Trainer

Filed under: TrainingDogTipsInger Martens

Inger the Dog Trainer

This week we have a question from a reader for celebrity dog trainer, Inger Martens about a destructive german shepherd.


For the most part, my year and a half german shephard is a good dog. However, she has a couple of problem habits that lead her to be not trust worthy while we are at work or sleeping, having to be in a kennel.

My dog will go for a significant stretch of time (2week+) with no incident, then she will suddenly chew up a shoe she managed to get a hold of, or the corner of a large pillow on the couch. She once got a hold of a leather leash that was dangling from the coat rack a bit too low and literally shredded it.

I give her the large dog rawhide bones to chew on, but sometimes she will ignore the rawhide and destroy something else. Recently it was a couch cushion while we were sleeping.

I can try to remove shoes, leashes, pillows, etc from a room but I can't put her in a room with no couches,etc, so I need a way to correct the behavior when rawhide just isn't cutting it?

How can I try to correct this behavior?

Here's Inger's Paws for a Minute™ quick tip:

Chewing is a function of a dog NOT a behavior.

What they chew on overtime becomes the behavior. Get it?

Part of the problem is that often owners don't correct the behavior. So, you need to calmly go over to her and put the leash on and guide her over to the chewed item. Now you can show her and say no!

The leash helps you guide her over to the chewed item and helps her not to have a misunderstanding by being able to run away. What you are saying no to is her saliva on and the scent of the chewed item.

Dogs sense of smell is crazy strong, what your saying no to is the pillow or whatever else. Remember, the reprimand has to have a positive ending. After saying no, walk her over to the chew bone and say o.k (in a really happy voice) then take off the leash. You might want to try bully sticks as an alternative chew bone. Dog's LOVE them.

They're kind of pricey but they rock!

all my best,

For more of my training tips and bully sticks! Check out www.pawsforaminute.com

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Shrek Allegedly Based On Real Man

Shrek Allegedly Based On Real Man


Maurice Tillet was a French man born with a rare disorder called acromegaly, which causes abnormal bone growth. Despite his physical differences, Tillet went on to do great things, including learn 14 languages and become a professional wrestler.

Casts were made of his head before he died, and because of the physical similarities and story arch (both he and Shrek overcame their differences to do great things), many people suspect that Shrek was modeled after Tillet.

We think this is legit! Tweet us UR thoughts!

[Images via Dreamworks and Human Marvels.]

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