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Amanda Bynes Has No Respect For The Law!

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Pretty unbelievable - yet totally believable!


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Amanda Bynes Wigs Out For Court! What Will Be Her Bong Throwing Fate??!

amanda bynes court bong vagina

It's going down!

Amanda Bynes' legal issues are coming to a head RIGHT NOW as she was seen heading to court —decked out in a blue wig— following her arrest back in May for throwing a vase bong out of her NYC apartment window.

The former child actress was arrested on charges of reckless endangerment, tampering with evidence, and weed possession.

However, similar to past behavior, Manda DENIED the entire bong-tossing incident all together. In fact, instead of admitting to toking up, she accused the arresting cop of slapping her vag-jay-jay.

Cameras are not being allowed in the courtroom and we can't even begin to guess what is happening before the judge, but based on her past wigging court appearances, we're sure the outcome will be nothing short of wild.

Best of luck to her!

Let's just hope — for her sake— she doesn't call any authorities "ugly."

UPDATE: Amanda didn't say a single word in the courtroom and nothing eventful happened to report. The judge scheduled to continue the hearing on August 26.

[Image via Splash News.]

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Amanda Bynes In The Clear?! Cops Coming Up Empty Handed In Drug Case

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amanda bynes drug case empty

Sweet merciful Zeus! What if it really was a vase?!

As much as the world seems to be anti-Amanda Bynes these days, it seems like the former Nickelodeon superstar may not be as much trouble as we all thought.

According to an NYPD source, while the signs all point to Amanda having weed in her place that fateful night, no actual drugs were recovered from the scene. Yes, in the police report, it was documented that it was believed Amanda threw "drug paraphernalia" out the window, and that the scene reeked of "a strong odor of marijuana."

But even still, no drugs were recovered from the scene … which makes Amanda

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Amanda Bynes' Shattered Bong/Vase FOUND?! Not According To Amanda!

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tumblr mkas4yft1g1rjhbn2o1 500

Pictures of a shattered glass object that was allegedly found on a concrete "sub roof" of Amanda Bynes' Manhattan apartment building have surfaced on the web, and we wanna know…

Are these the remains of the mysterious bong vase that Amanda now claims she did NOT drop out of her window when cops came a kn-kn-knockin' last Thursday evening?

Well, according to Mz. Bynes herself, the broken bong-like pieces were PLACED near her apartment AFTER the arrest to make it look like she was guilty of the reckless endangerment charge (dropping a heavy glass object out of window 30+ stories up from a pedestrian-stuffed pavement).

The scandal attracting former starlet tweeted (longer):

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Amanda Bynes Claims Arrest Reports Are "All Lies" - And Cops SLAPPED Her Lady Bits!

amanda bynes denial

Looks like Amanda Bynes is NOT done telling it how she sees it on Twitter!

And this time, she's making some pretty SERIOUS allegations against the officers involved in her Thursday night arrest for drug possession, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence!

The troubled starlet took to her social networking page this afternoon to continue denying her legal drama this week, which involved her allegedly smoking pot in her apartment building's lobby and then throwing her bong out the window when police began searching her place, and now, she's asserted that one of the officers at the scene sexually harassed her by "slapping" her VAGINA!

She writes:

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Amanda Bynes Keeps Her Wig ON In NEW Mugshot! And What Are Her Neighbors Saying About Her Behavior?!

amanda bynes mugshot2

Although Amanda Bynes' eyebrow-raising behavior finally culminated Thursday night after she was arrested for drug possession, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence, it seems the troubled starlet's bong-throwing antics have left many of her neighbors uncomfortable for quite some time!

In fact, despite her most recent denial of pot and alcohol use, an unnamed resident of her building is confident there could be MANY other problems at work here!

They explain:

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Amanda Bynes Claims She Threw A VASE, Not A BONG! Plus MORE Deets From Her Arrest!

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amanda bynes claims bong was vase in drug arrest

Ah yes, the age old urge to throw a glass vase out of a window from 36 floors ABOVE a pedestrian stuffed pavement… we know it well, LOLz!

Thursday evening Amanda Bynes was arrested for drug possession, reckless endangerment, and tampering with evidence…

Yet the bong-like device that she threw out of the window of her room — in front of COPS — at the midtown high rise building where she's currently staying is NOT a marijuana smoking device, but a harmless vase.

Or so Amanda told the judge at this morning's court hearing!

The cop who witnessed the whole bong vase tossing incident states in the police report:

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