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Harry Potter's Bonnie Wright Says Ginny Weasley Would've Been Fine Without Harry! (Sure, Just Avada Kedavra On Everyone's Childhoods!)

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If you're a devout Harry Potter fan you might need to avert your eyes, and rock back and forth in a fetal position in a cupboard under some stairs! This news is rough.

We barely healed from the stinging, Sectumsempra-like wounds we got upon hearing that J.K. Rowling regretted getting Ron and Hermione together over Harry and Hermoine, and now this comes out!

The Ginny Weasley-portraying Bonnie Wright recently said she would be okay without the Chosen One shoving his Elder Wand into her Chamber of Secrets ever again:

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Jamie Campbell-Bower Sticks His Excalibur Into Lily Collins?



And SO SOON after he and Ginny Weasley Bonnie Wright ended their engagement!

Hmm… could the split have been caused by a case of wandering penis eyes, perhaps?

Naughty, naughty!

Jamie Campbell-Bower and Zac Efron's most recent ex Lily Collins were snapped Monday in Toronto, holding hands and looking super into each other!

The pair

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A Very Potter Split! Jamie Campbell Bower And Bonnie Wright Call Off Engagement!

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Oh no! We certainly didn't see this one coming!

After being engaged for well over a year, it appears that the magic has left Jamie Campbell Bower and Bonnie Wright's relationship, and the pair have called it quits!

According to a source close to the Harry Potter co-stars

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More Haute-ness From Bonnie Wright


The rest of Bonnie Wright's editorial from the second issue of Haute Muse is out and just like the cover, it's gorgeous!

The Harry Potter actress was photographed in an array of outfits from designers like Jenny Packham, Julien Macdonald and Alexis Mabille.

U like???

[Images courtesy of Jonas Bresnan / Haute Muse.]

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Caius Jamie Campbell Bower Says Being Engaged Is "Wonderful"


Aw! We're happy for him and Ginny Weasley Bonnie Wright. (Even if we still maintain that she's too young!)

A lot is going on these days for Jamie Campbell Bower. Along with starring in the last installments of The Twilight Saga and Harry Potter franchise flicks, he's got a brand new show on STARZ called Camelot, in which he plays King Arthur.

And, oh yeah, he's planning a wedding!

Though the pair have stayed tight-lipped about their engagement, Jamie admitted in a recent interview that he is engaged to his Harry Potter costar and they are having a "wonderful, wonderful" time together. When asked if they've started planning for the big day, Jamie admitted that they have, but wouldn't provide any further details…like when or where or how.

Sneaky, sneaky…though we totally understand. So many Potter and Twilight stars on one guest list - we'd want to keep a tight lid on that event too, to keep the rabid fans from camping out for weeks outside the church just to get a glimpse of their favorite vamps and wizards.

We think the first order of business in planning this wedding is getting some serious security details!

[Image via WENN.]

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The scene Harry Potter fans have been dreading!

The Epilogue scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was filmed Monday at King's Cross station in London. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson were escorted to set with bags over their heads to avoid being seen, but some lucky muggle caught a glimpse of DanRad filming with his "wife" Bonnie Wright.

They look pretty wrecked! Like 30 going on 50!


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Ginny Weasley Is Officially Engaged!

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It's official!

We reported last week on speculation that Harry Potter co-stars Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower, had gotten engaged, and now we're hearing that it's 100% legit!

A source claims:

‘We are all absolutely shocked and surprised and can’t believe that Jamie has asked Bonnie to marry him. They met on the set of the movie and Jamie fell for Bonnie really badly. He says they are completely in love. It all seems very whirlwind, but they both say it’s the real deal. All he has told us is that he asked her to marry him and Bonnie said yes. He is chuffed to bits and neither of them seem to have any doubts that they are rushing in too soon. We have asked them if it is for real and they have said yes. They are both very professional, so when they are filming, there is no smooching or playing around. Also they are not really in the same scenes. Jamie is often on the set just to watch Bonnie and spend time with her between takes.’

They're definitely waaaay young - Jamie is 21 and Bonnie is 19 - but we think there's something really sweet about them together!

Congratulations, you two! We wish you guys the best!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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