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Georgia Denies Man AMAZEBALLS Pro-Gay Vanity Plates, Approves Awful Non-Gay Ones On The Reg??

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If you're in Georgia, and you want to show that you support the LGBT community by paying extra for vanity license plates, you're out of luck.

If you want to show how much you love beer (because that's awesome to mix with driving), it just depends on how you say it. Their approval system is both arbitrary and capricious!

Honestly, Georgia, this f***ing sucks… and it needs to change!

So what plates were denied? Georgia driver James Gilbert's 1st, 2nd, AND 3rd choices: 4GAYLIB, GAYPWR, or GAYGUY.

The subject of vanity plates is up to the discretion of system that deems what you submit as "obscene according to current community standards." You can't be obscene or defamatory against a person, group, religion, race or ethnicity. So apparently being a homosexual, or just the use of the word 'gay' in Georgia is considered obscene? BOO.

According to the source and the list of approved and banned plates, here are some ridiculous examples:

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Is Chris Brown Growing Dreads For His One Love Rihanna???


Okay, this is getting to be a bit much.

Chris Brown is still sort of dating Rihanna, but it seems like he’s trying to become the man of her dreams — by growing dreads!

Breezy posted the wonk-eyed pic (above) to his Instagram with the caption

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Anderson Cooper Will NEVER Uncage His Little Fox For Playgirl


Welp, there goes our reason to live!

Yesterday on his show Anderson Cooper addressed some pretty eXXXciting rumors regarding his pants fox, telling his audience:

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Boo Sits On Santa's Lap!!

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Christmas time is just around the corner!

Once we get that pesky Thanksgiving holiday out of the way.

JK LOLz! We love turkey day! But know what we love more? Cute pictures of doggies!

And there are no cuter pictures than ones of Boo!

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Britney Spears: Go Ahead And Boo Me

Now that Britney Spears is a judge on X Factor she had to get used to an audience reaction that she probably hasn't heard much in her career.

Demi Lovato explains:

"We got more comfortable in telling our opinions without being afraid of the booing. When Britney and I first started on on this show, we were looking at each other like, 'What do we do? We're so nervous!'"

Oh no! Booing you two is equivalent to booing the Pope. Or even worse!!!

And how did Brit-Brit handle the audience's boorish reaction?

The singer says:

"There's no way of prepping, really. You just get ready and you go out there and you do it."

Now that's the star we know all and love!!! We just hope she isn't crying, crying in her lonely heart.

Simon Cowell added:

"She's fearless. When she says 'no' or disagrees, she couldn't care less. The first day, the second she said 'no,' everyone booed her and that happened a lot and I think she found it very intimidating."

Well, jeez who wouldn't be intimidated?

But we're glad Britney has overcame her fears of saying the big N-O. The only thing she has to fear is fear itself. Plus she isn't losing any brownie points with us for speaking her mind because A. we love her and B. we LOVE her!!!

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Dog & Baby Play Peek-A-Boo!

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We can't tell what's more impressive.

The fact that a dog is playing peek-a-boo.

Or that the baby is the one initiating the game!

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Ann Curry Screwed By Today Show Again!

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Ann Curry bull shit

NBC just will NOT give ex-anchor Ann Curry a break!

A Today show insider says that after being pushed out of her job and replaced by a "more ratings friendly" anchor, the network made Ann some lofty promises — none of which are panning out.

Our source says:

"Ann was promised a much bigger role in covering the Olympics when she was demoted from being a co-host of the Today show."

Apparently, Ann was told she would cover the opening ceremony on the ground with Matt Lauer & Meredith Viera. Clearly that didn't happen!

"For reasons not revealed to Ann," the former co-host got the boot … again.

Now, the "devastated" ex-anchor has to settle for a messily couple of days of coverage, as the source continues:

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