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EXCLUSIVE! Gabby Douglas Talks About Life After The Olympics!

Gabby Douglas may only be 17 years-old, but she's already accomplished WAY more than your average teen! The gymnast already has two Olympic gold medals under her belt and is currently promoting her second book, Raising The Bar!

But with the London Olympics behind her, Gabby has a TON of free time on her hands! So what does the golden girl like to do in her spare time?

In this EXCLUSIVE interview, she revealed that when she isn't hitting the gym or doing book signings, she's probably watching Vampire Diaries! As if we didn't love her enough already, Gabby says she ALWAYS makes sure her schedule is clear so she can get her Ian Somerhalder fix!

The gold-medalist also says she LOVES listening to Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyonce, and she's also been learning how to play the guitar in her spare time! Who knows? Maybe we'll see an album drop before the 2016 Rio Olympics! Ha!

Seriously, we're not quite sure how we aren't BFFs with Gabby, because it sounds like we have SOOO much in common! Maybe we can have a Vampire Diaries party and drool over Ian together! LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out the rest of the interview (above)!

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Gabby Douglas Takes Over Radio Disney!

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gabby douglas olympics radio disney take over book memoir guest star show upcoming

The Olympics were cool and all, but Gabby Douglas got to take over Radio Disney!

During the show, they talked about all sorts of stuff — from the gold medals to her new book, Grace, Gold and Glory : My Leap of Faith, which is a memoir of everything she's done so far! We hope she writes another one when she's old some day, it would be an amazing companion piece!

Plus, she has an upcoming guest appearance on Disney XD's Kickin' It, where she plays herself — it premiers this summer! Before then, though, you can totes hear her on Radio Disney, as that will be ready for your ears on May 13th!

So fab! We're glad everything seems so great for you, Gabby!!

[Image via DISNEY CHANNEL/Rick Rowell.]

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There's Plenty Of Sex After Sixty! The Viagra Diaries Out NOW!

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viagra diaries barbara rose booker book sex sixty senior

Book stores, online or in the real world, will NEVER be the same!!

Barbara Rose Brooker's hilarious and raw new novel is out now! The Viagra Diaries is everything you've wanted to verify about sex after you've turned sixty… mostly that it does NOT stop! Ha!

Here's what the book is about:

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Gwyneth Paltrow Thanks Her Diet For Keeping Her Marriage To Chris Martin At Ease!

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gwyneth paltrow self magazine

A lot of buzz over Gwyneth Paltrow's gluten-free low-carb diet has been surfacing, and although the actress isn't getting the love she thought she would receive — she can care less because she feels that her food regimen has made her closer to her hubby, Chris Martin.

Miz Paltrow is covering SELF magazine's April issue, and in her interview she talks about her relationship, her mental state, and how she unwinds.

Here are the HIGHlights:

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Michael Vick Isn't Afraid Of Your Death Threats!

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michael vick hide violence death threats book signing scary sad dogs fighting

'Your death threats are WEAK!' is probably something that Michael Vick has been yelling out of any window he can find after having to cancel a bunch of book signings because people don't want to act like human beings!

He also says he will not be bullied into seclusion, and will be working with community service organizations in the wake of the scare.

Here's what his rep says:

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Former WWE Star Writes Anti-Bullying Kids' Book

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Kenn Doane, formerly known as Kenny Dykstra a WWE villain, has written a children's book!

He's currently recovering from a knee injury so he decided to write during his downtime.

He wanted to tackle a subject that a WWE villain would know about: bullying!

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Lance Armstrong SUED By Furious Book Readers!!


If you read Lance Armstrong's books and were inspired by the true-story accounts, we bet you're feeling pretty foolish right now. He lied, and those books should totally be moved to the fiction section of the library!

The question is, though… are you feeling like such a fool that you're willing to SUE him over it??

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