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Wondering What's Happening During Juan Pablo Galavis & Nikki Ferrell's Marriage Counseling? Don't Worry, The Counselors Are Spilling All The Deets!

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juan pablo galavis nikki ferrell turn to counseling to help their relationship

Don't worry about waiting to see what's happening behind closed doors, like on The Bachelor, the couple's counselors are already telling everyone!

We reported earlier that the newly emerged Bachelor couple, Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell, has sought the help of marriage counseling and it seems that the couple is considering marriage!


Jim & Elizabeth Carroll, the duo behind Marriage Boot Camp, have been seeing the pair for sessions and are speaking out about the legitimacy of their love!

We guess there are no doctor-patient confidentiality agreements when it comes to reality TV stars?

Elizabeth said:

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Jennifer Aniston Taking EXTREME Measures To Ensure Justin Theroux Marriage Lasts Forever!?!

jennifer aniston justin theroux marriage boot camp

Here's something you don't here about every day in Hollywood!

It's a celebrity couple that actually wants to make their marriage last!

Jennifer Aniston is allegedly so focused on making this marriage with Justin Theroux "last longer than her marriage to Brad Pitt," that she signed them up for boot camp!


According to sources close to the situation, they even took "screaming sessions" because:

"She thought it would be a good idea to start married life rid of any problems. Justin seems to be as much a believer in the therapy as Jennifer is. On arrival, they had to hand over their mobile phones and undertake counseling, couple massages and screaming therapy — where you howl your feelings out at the top of your voice. It was pretty hard tough going and they had to address all their deepest fears and worries."

Whew! That sounds intense. But we kinda like it!

The love encampment is said to have taken place over the period of three days in Santa Monica, and it apparently worked so well that one source swears:

"Jen and Justin seem to feel that they can take on anything married life throws at them now. They picked up their wedding rings as soon as they got back to LA and seem incredibly excited about the next phase in their lives."

Well yeah, we'd hope so after all of that, LOL!

After experiencing such a bummer of a let-down with Brad, it's totally understandable that Jen would want to exorcise her current relationship of any demons before walking down the aisle.

And according to these insiders, that magical moment could be happening any day now! But you know us… until we get some better proof, we're not holding our breath.

We've been teased with would-be weddings far too long!

[Image via Ai-Wire/WENN.]

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X Factor's Jillian Jensen SLAYS The Stage & Outshines Her Boot Camp Bully!

While some X Factor hopefuls seemed to ace round two of boot camp, others came unprepared and let their nerves get the best of them!

Last night, a cringeworthy amount of contestants broke Simon Cowell’s cardinal rule: don't forget the lyrics!!!

One of the worst offenders was Latasha Lee Robinson, who seemed to jinx herself with her overconfidence and ended up majorly blowing it!

Check out bullying victim Jillian Jensen stealing the show (above), after Latasha crashed and burned!

Wow, Jillian KILLED it! We also have to give her props for trying to help Latasha out, even if she wasn’t having it!

We're pretty sure Jensen will have no problem advancing into the next round after that performance!!

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Simon Cowell Puts X Factor Hopeful Tara Simon In Her Place & Slams Song Choice!

X Factor’s season two has seen its fair share of dramz and boot camp was no exception this time around!

If you thought things got heated between CeCe Frey and Paige Thomas during round two, it seemed vocal coach Tara Simon was really out to throw spunky Jennel Garcia under the bus stage!

Tara overruled Jennel when she made probably one of the WORST song choices of the night, with Fleetwood Mac’s Landslide!

Check out how both girls took on the ballad (above)!!

Dayum! Simon definitely put Tara in her place, LOLz! We're glad someone finally brought her ego down a notch…!

We hope Tara’s poor choice doesn’t end up costing Jennel a spot in the competition, but we will find out soon enough next week!!

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X Factor's CeCe Frey Gets Catty & Paige Thomas Breaks Down At Boot Camp!

Uh oh!

The contestant feuds on X Factor got amped up even more last night, during the show’s boot camp sing-off round, where singers went head-to-head on stage!

CeCe Frey and Paige Thomas — who already had a bit of a battle yesterday with their Whitney Houston sing-off — threw down once again during round two!

However, it seems CeCe was up to some shady shiz and chose a song that Paige didn’t know too well, which caused the young single mom to stumble!

Check out the most heated battle of the night (above)!!

Though they both have great voices, we really aren’t feeling CeCe’s cattiness in the competition!

Will both Paige and CeCe make it through to next week or will CeCe’s apparent plan to knock Paige out of the competition succeed???

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Britney Spears Tears Up & Gets Startled By X Factor Boot Camp Contestant!

X Factor’s boot camp continued last night, with the contestants giving what very possibly could’ve been their LAST performance!

The show put singers with similar looks, enemies and even boot camp roommates against each other, in what Simon Cowell called a “nightmare” of a round!

One set of roomies who battled on stage for the $5 million prize and brought Britney to tears?

Vino Alan and David Correy — the tattooed bad boys with soul!

Check out Vino and David going head to head with Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On (above)!!

Aw! We think they both did pretty good… poor Vino was SUPER hard on himself, though, and SCARED Brit Brit!

Guess we'll find out next week which one makes it through, if not BOTH of them!!

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X Factor's Jessica Espinoza Disappoints Demi Lovato During Boot Camp!

X Factor contestants CeCe Frey and Paige Thomas weren’t the only ones who took the risk of singing a Whitney Houston song last night!

During the show’s round one of boot camp, Jessica Espinoza attempted the late diva’s duet with Mariah Carey, When You Believe, but did she live up to the song’s Xpectations?

Check out Jessica’s rendition of the inspirational track (above)!!

Though it wasn't horrible, we gotta agree with Demi on this one — we were pretty disappointed, too!

Jessica seemed like a front runner during auditions, when she blew the judges away with Pink’s Nobody Knows… and Simon even called her one of his favorites!

Unfortunately, Jessica did NOT make it through to the next round, and neither did a number of other hopefuls, including Jordyn Annie Foley or LMFAO’s third member, Trevor Moran.

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