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Lightsabers Have (Sort Of) Become A Reality!!!

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Must. Buy. One. Now!!!!

A company called Wicked Lasers has FINALLY created what we've been dreaming of since we first gazed upon the wonder that is Star Wars. They've built the closest real-life version of the lightsaber to date in the form of the LaserSaber.

The 32-inch polycarbonate blade contains

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Henry Cavill Throws A Woman Off A Roof!

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Can't get enough of Henry Cavill??

Us either!

So ch-ch-check out this clip from Superman HIS OTHER hero movie, called The Cold Light of Day!

The synopsis might seem boring, but honestly this movie looks INtense!

Here's what it's about:

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Lil Wayne Involved In A Different Kind Of Grass And Weed Problem

Lil Wayne Grass

Lil Wayne recently got cited and billed for having too much grass and weed…

… in the yard of his Louisiana home!


It's true! The lawn outside his house in Louisiana has caught the attention of the city and the most boring enforcement job ever, and he's been ticketed for letting it grow!

He has a reason though — he's not actually living there.

In fact, the spacious home is on sale for $1.7 million.

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This Is Why We Need The Muppets To Perform! Dustin Hoffman Says The Oscars Are Boring!

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dustin hoffman says oscars are boring

Ya hear that, Academy? Dustin Hoffman is NOT entertained - let's change that!

During a recent interview, Academy-Award winning actor/Luck star Dustin Hoffman had the following to say about the Oscars:

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Lil' Kim Drops New Single!

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We have been anxiously waiting for Lil' Kim's comeback!

Unfortunately, this isn't going to make it happen!

Check out the rapper's latest single, I Am Not The One, which she premiered yesterday on Shade 45 with DJ Kay Slay (above)!


We're not in love!

C'mon, gurl! Get some fire in that voice!

We know you still have it in you!

What do U think about the latest from Lil' Kim?

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Cari Fletcher's X Factor Audition Just Doesn't Do It For Us!

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Why did they let her through? Was this REALLY good enough for this competition???

New Jersey native Cari Fletcher performed the Heart song Alone during her X Factor audition (above), and while we think it was a pleasant enough performance, we really don't think she deserved to move forward.

Sorry Cari, but Simon said it best…it was kind of boring.

What do U think? Did Cari's audition do it for U???

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New Red Hot Chili Peppers!

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After such a long wait, we were hoping for something with a little more…well, anything!

Check out the Red Hot Chili Peppers' new single, The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, off of their new album, I'm With You (above)!

It's by no means terrible, just kind of dull!

We were hoping for that infectious energy that we love about that music, and unfortunately, that's seriously lacking from this song!

Hopefully the rest of the material on this album will be a little less "take it or leave it!"

What do U think?? Are U liking new Red Hot Chili Peppers?

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