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Victoria Beckham Takes An Eye-Opening Trip To South Africa In Hopes Of Raising Awareness Of Children Battling HIV!

victoria beckham trip to south africa

If you thought Victoria Beckham was just about fashion and living up to her posh title, then you've got her ALL wrong!!

The stylish celeb recently decided to take a very special trip to Cape Town in South Africa to show support for Born Free, and organization committed to preventing mothers from transmitting HIV to their children.

While she was there, Victoria paid a visit to some of the patients at the Tygerberg Hospital and got a chance to

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Kid Rock Going On Tour With Sheryl Crow For Second Leg Of Born Free!

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Oh man! Smart move!

She'll totally draw in a crowd!

Kid Rock announced today that he would be adding a second leg to his Born Free tour, and none other than Sheryl Crow will be joining him on the road for over 30 dates, with possibly more to come - all to coincide with the release of the pair's new single together, Collide!

Check out if they'll be performing anywhere near you…AFTER THE JUMP!

[Images via WENN.]

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M.I.A. Is Scared Of Bieber Fever

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Well, well, well, looks who's backtracking now.

Controversial statement maker M.I.A. wants to make it clear that her remarks about Justin Bieber's video being "more offensive" than her violent video for Born Free were taken out of context.

AKA, Bieber fans probably went after her and now she's shaking in her crazy boots.

In a radio interview, M.I.A. talked about her comments, saying:

"I said I found his video offensive because people said my video was offensive, but I said it as a joke and it kind of got out of hand. I kind of feel bad, because I have some family members who love Justin Bieber, and now they won't talk to me. I need my little cousins to talk to me."

LOL! That'll teach ya!

And when asked about her whether or not she says stupid things just to get press, the singer denies it, adding:

"I left controversy at home. I don't want to be the accepted controversial person, which is why I left the controversial thing at home because it's not about that. I think people think I just say it to get press and that p*sses me off, so then I want to say something about that, but then that's just keeping it going."

We hope you learned your lesson!!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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M.I.A. Takes A Dig At FailTina!


Finally! We can agree with her on something!

The still bat-shit crazy and all-so-nonconformist M.I.A. was surpisingly lucid when she recently discussed collaborating with CloneTina Aguilera on her new album, Bionic, and was equally as disappointed as us when the diva chose to mimic the Sri Lankan rapper's style instead of be herself!

She says:

Elastic Love was the first track I recorded actually - even before I started working on my own album. It’s the one I made in-between taking time out and having a baby and starting mine. Born Free was the first song I wrote for my album and that’s so weird now. I look back at the time and I wrote such a nice cute song for Christina - then the next song I wrote was Born Free. Other people were involved who I respect like Peaches and it was like a sea of women coming together to write this new thing. Christina had also had a baby, you know, so it was kind of an interesting situation.

I really thought I was going to be able to go in there and get her vocals on to the next level and she didn’t want to do it. She was like ‘You might think that’s great because it’s not what you do, but to me I’m really bored of it. It’s interesting getting to work with people who can do things vocally that you can't… but yeah I only heard the song for the first time when everyone else did.”

Ouch - it sounds like the final product really UNDERWHELMED her!

We think that her sentiments are SHOCKINGLY on the same page as pretty much everyone - how unusual from her! Usually she'd be going against the norm just to be controversial!


[Image via AP Images.]

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The Epic Return Of Psychotic Ginger CopperCab! Comments On M.I.A.'s Music Video!

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We've missed you, bb!

Our beloved ginger, CopperCab - who started the post-South Park/Kick a Ginger Day backlash with his youtube video - has posted a DIVINE response to M.I.A.'s controversial Born Free music video!

Just keep watching! It gets better and better with each passing second!


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New M.I.A.!

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M.I.A, Born Free from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.


Check out the disturbing, thought-provoking video for M.I.A.'s new single, Born Free!

It's a total departure from her last album, and we're not sure how we feel about it yet.

Be warned, though, the clip, directed by Romain Gavras, has violence and nudity - some directed toward ginges! - so NSFW!

It's not an easy one to watch!

Do U like M.I.A.'s new sound??

What do U think she's trying to say??

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