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Glee + Britney + Michael Jackson???


Okay, so get ready for all the spoiler goodies….

The following is a collection of information that heavily supports some not-so-wild speculation and spoilers for the most highly anticipated episode of Glee next season.

Take a look at the two photos above. The first comes to us from the lovely photogs camped out at Paramount Studios, where Glee is currently taping. The second comes to us from that delectable gleek Cory Monteith via his Twitter.

The guy in the chair is Brad Falchuk, one of the executive producers and directors of the show. Just beyond his face, you can see our beloved Princess Lea Michele strutting her midriff stuff in front of some bleachers. Take a look at the screens in front of Brad, which show three different angles of Lea in front of these bleachers.

Now, look at that photog picture again. Really let the outfit sink into your brain. Have you figure it out? She's going to be singing Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Hell yes!!!

We knew they couldn't skip the number that made Britney Spears a household name, but we're thrilled that it's Lea that gets to do it!

And in other Gleeky news, Ryan Seacrest had Adam Shankman on his radio show this morning. After the interview, Ryan tweeted that Adam gave him a very "heavy hint" that he could be directing the Glee tribute episode to Michael Jackson!

Inevitable, to be sure, but we didn't think they would throw all these tribute episodes in one season.

Britney, Rocky Horror, MJ…. EPIC!!!!

U gleeks must be starting to get really pumped!!!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Princess Lea Won't Be At Comic Con!

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Your attention, Gleeks!

We realize many of you have bought your tickets to this year's Comic-Con hoping for a repeat appearance from your favorite Glee stars, like Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith and Lea Michele.

The thing is, they're are all busy. Lea is in New York. Cory's actually not even in the country! So consider your hopes dashed.

Unless, of course, you want to talk to the man who started it all and the entire supporting cast!

Sources for the convention say that there will be a Glee panel for fans at this year's Comic-Con and in attendance will be Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale, Mark Salling, Heather Morris, and Naya Rivera, as well as co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk.

Along with the cast, there will be some never-before-seen footage shown that is sure to delight your showtune loving souls!

So, maybe it will be worth it to get there early!

Any of U going to Comic Con this year?

[Image via WENN.]

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Ryan Murphy Is Our Hero!


Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, has already written an open letter discussing the vicious and homophobic article in Newsweek magazine that asserted that gay actors are incapable of successfully portraying a heterosexual character.

He has just released a second follow-up letter, and basically proves what a decent, stand-up guy he is!

He writes:

I want to issue a personal thank you to GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios, writer/director Dustin Lance Black and countless others who have joined me in condemning Newsweek magazine and asking for an apology for their recent article ‘Straight Jacket,’ a hurtful bigoted diatribe in which they basically asserted that gay actors should not play straight roles because they are not “believable.” So far, Newsweek magazine has declined to issue an apology, other than to say they are big fans of the show I co-created, Glee — even the straight dudes around the Newsweek offices. I say thanks for your support, however glib, and continue — with many others offended by the article — to wait for a more substantial articulate response.

But in better more constructive news: Ramin Setoodeh, the author of the article, reached out to me today and accepted my offer to sit with myself and the writers of GleeBrad Falchuk and Ian Brennan — to discuss not only why we found the piece so offensive, but also to observe our creative process and see how we construct a TV show dedicated exclusively to the idea of inclusiveness and acceptance for all — ideas solely absent in his ‘Straight Jacket’ article.

Along with inviting him into our Glee writers room, I will also let him observe our casting process…so he can witness first hand — and speak to — actors who audition for our show and who are already series regulars — actors who are encouraged to read for ALL roles, no matter what their sexual orientation, color or gender. Who cares who you are or who you sleep with — men, women, sheep — frankly, it’s none of our business or concern. The actor with the best audition should get the part. On Glee, straight actors play gay roles, gay actors play straight roles and no one is discriminated against. I hope observing this process firsthand — and talking with our cast — will be illuminating to Mr. Setoodeh, and inform his future journalistic endeavors.

In my telephone conversation with him, Mr. Setoodeh mentioned how he feels cornered, misunderstood and unfairly attacked. I look forward to hearing his reasons for writing the article, and will of course listen with an open heart and mind. Vicious anonymous attacks — which Mr. Setoodeh feels he has been subjected to over the past two days — aren’t cool or acceptable, and get us no where. What DOES move the ball forward is education and a fair and open dialogue, and I want Mr. Setoodeh to know that all of us at Glee are committed to that, and encourage it.


What an unbelievably smart and fair plan of attack!

We applaud you for keeping your cool and standing your ground, Ryan and company!

Hopefully, the other parties involved will follow suit and treat you with the same respect and openness you have given them!

Equality for ALL!

[Image via WENN.]

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Glee's Still Hazardous For Your Health!

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It's dangerous being a Gleek!

Three backup dancers were injured on the set of Glee while filming the season finale on Wednesday night.


The cast was shooting the Regionals show-competition when the dancers had a run-in with the cameras.

Thankfully, everyone's doing just fine after receiving some band-aids from executive producer Brad Falchuk.

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