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Bachelorette Emily Maynard's Hooking Up With Host Chris Harrison!?!

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Welp! We're not too surprised… if it's true.

Despite her legit search for love on The Bachelorette, new rumors say Emily Maynard's heart doesn't beat for 15 (or however many there are)… but just for only one — Chris Harrison!

One source says their chemistry is intense, elaborating:

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It's Official! Emily Maynard Is The New Bachelorette!!

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emily maynard bachelorette

Despite her summer tweets saying she did NOT want to be the new Bachelorette, looks like Emily Maynard accepted the deal after all!!

But on one condition!! ABC has to go to HER!!

Instead of filming in Los Angeles, ABC will film in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Snap, snap Brad Womack!! Snap, snap!!

Emily doesn't need to be with him after all!!! Now she can just use the series to better her own publicity heart, LOL!!

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NFL Player Jeremy Shockey Dating Former Bachelor Fiance Emily Maynard

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Jeremy Shockey

After her split with Bachelor Brad Womack in June, Emily Maynard has finally moved on!

Sources say she is now dating former New York Giants player Jeremy Shockey after they were set up on a blind date.

The tight end, who currently plays for the Carolina Panthers, dined at BLT Steak in Charlotte's Ritz-Carlton hotel with the reality star during their first meeting. They must have had a good time because a friend has said they've been out five times so far, explaining:

"They've been out five times. Emily thinks Jeremy is nice, but she's just having fun!"

It must be nice to date without cameras following your every move. Treat her right, Jeremy!

[Image via WENN.]

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And The Next Bachelorette Is…

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How nice! She'll have another chance to have her heart broken on national television!

Emily Maynard, who became engaged to - and later dumped by - Brad Womack on The Bachelor, is reportedly being courted by ABC to be the star of the next season of The Bachelorette!

According to sources:

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The Bachelor Admits To Making Mistakes, Being Arrested

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At least he's owning up to them.

After it was reported that The Bachelor's Brad Womack had a few brushes with the law as a teenager, including carrying a forged driver's license, public intoxication, and passing a bad check, Womack is addressing the allegations. He says:

"I'm sure I wouldn't be the first to admit that I had a couple of missteps when I was a teenager – some 20 odd years ago. Some of the claims have been blown out of proportion but I took responsibility for my actions and took immediate measures to remedy the situation.

It was just part of my growing pains back when I was still young and naïve. You learn from your experiences good and bad – and you move on. It ultimately builds character."

At least he's admitting to his mistakes. But he still sounds a little shady to us. We wonder how the producers of The Bachelor feel about this.

What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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The Bachelor's Criminal Past!

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Tisk, tisk! The truth always comes out!

The Bachelor's Brad Womack may look like a catch, but new reports are suggesting that the Texas bar owner has a pretty inneresting criminal record - which includes arrests for carrying a forged driver's license, passing bad checks, and public intoxication!

Apparently, Womack is on record with the Texas Department of Public Safety, only under the last name Pickelsimer, which is also his former stepfather's surname!

We wonder if producers of the series knew about his past!

Either way, we doubt that the ladies vying for his affections do!

Might want to fill them in before you pop that question, bb! It's only fair!


[Image via WENN.]

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Bachelor Brad Womack Gets Slapped! Will He Press Charges?

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Naw! It's all in the name of ratings love!

If you tuned into the premire of The Bachelor last night, and we know you did, then you probably caught this particular scene when one of the girls delivered a hard and swift message to Brad's face.

Chantal O'Brien made quite the first impression with former/current Bachelor Brad Womack as she slapped him across the face on behalf of scorned ladies everywhere.

Naturally, Brad would have the right to be pissed (violence is never the way to make a statement) and he could even press criminal charges against her (think Teen Mom's Amber Portwood), but according to the Bachelor himself, he "deserved" it. He told sources:

"I think Chantal was just trying to make a statement about my past behavior and make a strong first impression, which she did. I think what Chantal did was a light-hearted gesture which I took as such. I do not condone violence in any relationship, nor would I keep someone around who I felt truly wished to do me harm."

That's good to hear, at least. Sounds like he has his priorities straight this time around.

Did U watch the premiere last night? What did U think?

Oh, we should add that as much as we think Brad is great, we still think we're a much seksier Bachelor than him! Ha!

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