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Chris Colfer Has A New Best Friend…His Adopted Cat!

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Chris Colfer's got a brand new roommate and he's loving it!

The Gleek stopped by a Chatsworth, CA shelter to adopt Brian - an 8 year old, 20 lb bundle of joy!

He went unrecognized and after only minutes to meeting his pet, he signed the adoption papers pronto.

Chris tweeted the following about his new friend:

It was heartbreaking to see so many sweet animals needing homes," he wrote. "Please think about rescuing!

Take heed folks, adoption is definitely the way to go!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Our Brains Are Wired To Pay Attention To Animals

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Our Brains Are Wired To Pay Attention To Animals

There is a science behind why we like zoos!

New research shows that the human brain responds to animals like no other person, place, or thing.

The studies co-author Ralph Adolphs explained to Discovery News that –

"it is important for the brain to be able to rapidly detect animals. The reasons for this are probably several, but would likely include the need to avoid predators and catch prey."

The scientists found that neurons in the right amygdala (one of the two almond-shaped groups of neurons located deep within the brain) responded preferentially to pictures of animals, whether they were of cute little critters or threatening big beasts.

The research suggest that animals may even affect our emotions.

Maybe this explains why over 100,000,000 have watched Sneezing Panda!

[Image via WENN.]

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Indie Band Bon Iver's Got 2 Pussy Groupies

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Justin Vernon loves his pussy

The boys of the fab indie folk group Bon Iver LOVE cats!

There was always pussies around when the band records. Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon would let his kitties — Flo and Melmon — hang around their studio recoding studio. Justin said:

"I'm really into my pets. They are a good thing to have around for your brain. It's good to take care of something other than yourself."

Justin's isn't the only one that adores Flo and Melmon. The band even features their furry friends on their totes official website!! What's the appeal of the cats? Justin told PEOPLE:

"They are just weirdos. Totally mutt cats, but they have a lot of love and hunt and play outside. They live the high life. I can't really have a dog with my lifestyle."

Ouch! We think that was a burn to dog lovers!

[Image via WENN.]

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Science: Dolphins Can Sense Electricity

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Science: Dolphins Can Sense Electricity

WTF?! What can't they do?

In a neat new discovery, researchers have found that one species of dolphin has the ability to sense electricity.

According to Discover Magazine, researchers examined small pits on the dolphin's nose, or vibrissal crypts, and found them to be connected to a number of nerves that reach the dolphin's brain.

Suspecting these crypts to be sense organs, researchers tested Guiana dolphins' reactions to a mild electrical field with and without these crypts covered.

Sharks, rays and platypuses, can also sense electricity but is the first "true mammal" known to be able to detect electrical fields.

[image via NBC]

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Epileptic Turtle Gets A Brain Scan

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This is the most adorable thing to happen in a lab!

British scientists are sparing no expense to treat a very special patient with epilepsy: A 154-pound turtle named Snorkel.

The loggerhead turtle has had many health problems, including epilepsy for the past 11 years.

She has been at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth and, according to the Sun, worried keepers recently went to the unusual expense of getting her an MRI scan on a machine usually used for obese people to see if she has a brain tumor. LOLZ!

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