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The Beverly Hills Housewives Are Back! All Of Them!!!

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So much drama! So much rage! So much finger pointing!!! (You can convey so much with just your finger sternly pointed in another person's face! Damn!)

With Real Housewives of New York coming to an end, a new edition of the franchise is coming in to take it's place. This time, we venture back to Beverly Hills, where all - yes all - six of the ladies have returned for a second season of backstabbing, bitching and betrayal!

Joining the ladies this season,

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Eddie Cibrian's Ex Brings The Family Drama To Twitter

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Are you paying attention, Andy Cohen? THIS is a perfect example of why Brandi Glanville would make an excellent addition of the Beverly Hills Housewives.

For some time now, it seemed like Brandi was over the whole mess of her husband, Eddie Cibrian, dumping her fast and hard for LeAnn Rimes after they made a Lifetime Movie together. She seemed to be at peace with the situation and was moving on with her life.

Then, this morning happened.

Brandi and Eddie have a couple of kids together and one of them is celebrating "Bring Your Family To School" week. Turns out, instead of asking his mother to come in and doll everyone up in mascara and blush, Brandi's son Mason asked LeAnn to come to class and to sing! As you can imagine, Brandi is not pleased with this, so she calmly called Eddie to voice her concern lashed out on Twitter at LeAnn for going all Julie Roberts Stepmom on her! She tweeted out two messages to LeAnn, saying:

@leannrimes I told Eddie to please tell you that I think it is highly inappropriate for you to sing in my sons class on Friday. Boundries!!

@leannrimes It's Mason's week share his family with the class. it isn't ur place.Let Eddie read a script. You are not his parent. RESPECT!

Like it or not Brandi, LeAnn is part of the family now. Sure, you don't see it that way, but Mason obviously does. You have a right to be protective as his mother, but you shouldn't make him have to choose. Yes, she and Eddie did a crappy thing, but don't take it out on your son. He's just trying to make a good impression with his class.

Besides, maybe next year he'll invite you when you've made it BIG on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! (Right, Andy???)

[Image via WENN.]

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Eddie Gave LeAnn A $85K Engagement Ring Just As He Had His Child Support Payments Slashed

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Well this is kind of sleazy. This is your kid we're talking about here.

According to Brandi Granville, Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife, the engagement ring Eddie gave LeAnn Rimes when he proposed is worth $85K.

It's interesting that he could afford such a ring, since shortly before he proposed, he had his child support payments slashed. Brandi explained the situation to sources, saying:

“Look, I don’t mind that he got her a ring but the timing wasn’t obviously the best and the truth is the communication is not great right now. I just want to get on with my life and to move forward but it is really tough at times because everything has been so very public…The lease is up on my current home and I will be looking for a new place to live shortly while also trying to take care of my sons. I’m looking for work and trying to get my real estate license but it is a gradual process – I’m not saying Eddie is a bad guy and he is a great father but I just wish it all could be a lot easier.”

You know what might help? Money!

We're assuming the reason Eddie remains distant from his ex is because how many interviews she gives on the topic of their scandalous relationship. But perhaps, if he gave her enough money to support their kids, she wouldn't have to talk to the press.

Just a thought.

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LeAnn Has The Balls To Send A Cease And Desist Letter To Her Boyfriend's Wife

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A source close to LeAnn Rimes has said that the cheater and sometimes singer has sent a cease and desist letter to Eddie Cibrian's soon-to-be ex-wife Brandi, citing allegations of slander.

LeAnn's lawyers insisted that Brandi respond to the letter in five days or else LeAnn will move forward and pursue legal action, asking the court to grant a gagging order.

A source close to Brandi denies the accusation, saying, "Brandi has been nothing but nice to LeAnn. She let her kids go to Mexico with them, and she is genuinely happy that they like her. If they didn't, then she would be upset."

The source explains that the allegations actually stem from before the married couple's split when Brandi said that LeAnn was "stalking" Eddie because at the time she was still unaware of her husband's relationship with the Rimes.

Well, how dare she say anything negative about her own husband's girlfriend!!

LeAnn's sources of course deny any of that saying that the cease and desist letter was sent "months and months of Brandi speaking about LeAnn in the press and telling lies. This is a reaction, and something she felt was necessary to do to protect herself."

So not only is LeAnn a cheater, but she's a liar and a sneak! Real clASSy!

[Image via WENN.]

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