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James Franco Isn't A Fan Of Twilight's Vampire Sex


The latest Twilight installment really made James Franco's blood boil, especially all that vampire sex.

So to vent his frustrations he wrote a scathing movie review for The Paris Review.


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Breaking Dawn May Not Be Breaking Any Thanksgiving Records, But It's Still Making Bank!


Thanksgiving break is nearly here…and the Twi-Hards are using the opportunity to book it to the theaters!

The fourth installment of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, has only been out for just a weekend, and has already managed to make $148 domestically and $144 million, and this Monday alone, pulled in a solid $9.9 million!

However, the numbers are still lower than those for New Moon, which was released the same date two years ago, and made an even more impressive $10.5 million on the Monday before turkey day!

Guess people are more interested in watching Kristen Stewart jump off a cliff than Taylor Lautner fall in love with an infant!

Just stating the plot points people!

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Hey TwiHards! Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With The New Breaking Dawn Trailer!

That's right, we'll pretend for a minute that there are people who want to see Breaking Dawn that just haven't gotten around to seeing the first three Twilight movies yet!

ALTHOUGH, we will say this, Non-Twi-hards! If you ARE going to see any of these movies, THIS is the one.

We're talking The Room-quality NO SHIZ THIS CAN'T BE REAL THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING HOW DID ANYONE THINK THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA conclusion at the end of Part One. Go ahead, look into it if you don't already know yet. It's that good.

Anyway, please check out the flick's latest theatrical trailer, which takes its viewers back to all of our favorite parts from the other flicks, including Edward breaking into Bella's house to watch her as she sleeps, Bella engaging in high-risk behavior to manipulate Edward back into her life, and Jacob and Edward fighting over who gets to control date Bella (above)!

And they say romance is dead!

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Check Out It Will Rain, Bruno Mars' New Single From The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack HERE!

This is certainly a different Bruno Mars than what we're used to!

Check out the singer's just-released single, It Will Rain, which will appear on the soundtrack for the first part of the concluding chapter of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn (above)!

Pretty dark and heavy - at least for him, anyway!

We're loving this side of you, boy!

Can't wait to hear the rest of this album! It's going to KILL!

What do U think?? Are U feeling this side of Bruno??

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The Breaking Dawn Soundtrack Revealed!


All right, Twi-Hards! Get your earbuds ready!

You're going to be blasting them with THIS on loop for the next six months!

Check out the just-released tracklist for the official motion picture soundtrack of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part, headlined by its lead single, It Will Rain by Bruno MarsAFTER THE JUMP!

And don't forget to enjoy the cover art, featuring the very seksi Robert Pattinson and TayTay Lautner…and Kristen Stewart (above)!

It's almost upon us! Just about two months left!

We can't even deal! Ahhhh!

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GET READY! New Breaking Dawn Footage Is HERE!!

We ask and we shall receive!!!

After just seeing the new Breaking Dawn Part One posters, we FINALLY got some new footage!!! Sure, it's only 16 seconds, but it's the most intense 16 seconds YOU WILL EVER SEE - if intense means a lot of lost and confused expressions, pregnant bellies and WOLVES!!

Only two months away! Only two months away!! Just breeeeeathe!!

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R-Patz Talks About "Amazing" Last Day On Set Of Breaking Dawn


Was it so amazing because it was finally over, Rob??

Ha! J/K! We kid, we kid…

Robert Pattinson opened up about his last day of filming Breaking Dawn with KStew, actually calling it "amazing."

Wait, really, Rob???

He said:

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