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Ashton Loves To pAArty!

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And so does his alleged mistress Brittney Jones!

"She's a total party animal. She drinks every night, and openly talks about being an alcoholic," claims a source. "I only saw her smoke pot and stuff like that… but I'd almost guarantee you she's done everything in the book."

But she's not keeping her drug use to herself - Brittney likes to spread the wealth with Ashton Kutcher!

The homewrecker sent a text offering to get her movie star friend some herbal entertainment.

"Yeah! Whenever you want I always have weed to share :)" Brittney texted.

But Kutcher must have been pretty desperate considering her behavior the night they met at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood.

The source continued:

"She was such a train wreck that we all didn't even want to hook up with her. She was constantly talking about how she's been an alcoholic for years and drinks every day; drinks a bottle of wine a day and all this other stuff."


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Dirty Texts Sent From Ashton To Mistress!

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Because there is always some dirty sexting!

Though Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are choosing to ignore the scandalous reports, we might have something that Demi would like to see before she heads off to celebrate her fifth anniversary with the fiend.

A young woman named Brittney Jones came forward to Star Magazine to claim that she had a steamy one night stand with Ashton while Demi was off filming a movie. Since the story broke, it's really been just her word against his, but now she has some proof in the form of text messages sent to her by Ashton!

Brittney has shared their short, but incriminating conversations, one of which came from the night they first met at a bowling alley. She had slipped him her number and after a few hours, she started getting suggestive messages like, "what are u wearing now?" Then, it was via text that the scheduled their dirty rendezvous on Demi's sofa!

But the texting didn't end after that. Brittney allegedly has loads more messages from Ashton that were sent during the month that followed. In one exchange, Brittney asked when he would have the house to himself again, with Ashton replying that it could be as early as next month, but that he couldn't talk because he was "w/ my daughter."

Eww! Sexting in front of Tallulah! Gross!

If she's got proof, you've got problems, Ashton. You better come clean before this gets any worse!

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Demi & Ashton Put On A Brave Face Amidst Cheating Allegations!

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have their own "don't ask, don't tell" policy, but theirs concerns a certain homewrecker who's out to destroy their marriage.

Rumor has it that Ashton got busy with a girl half his wifey's age recently while she was away filming a new movie. True to whore-form, the slut ran right to the tabloids to tell her sordid tale. In these times, affairs are running rampant amongst Hollywood's most established couples, so it's not hard to believe that Ashton could do such a thing.

And yet, sources are claiming that the pair is letting the rumors roll right off them and are preparing for their fifth anniversary without bothering addressing the scandal.

In fact, sources on the set of Demi's new movie, The Reasonable Bunch, saw Ashton hanging out with his old lady over the weekend. The set spy said the pair were overheard "laughing" in her trailer and Demi continued to "gush" over her man as if they didn't have a problem in the world.

Putting up a brave front, perhaps?

We'd be careful, Demi! Though he may seem mature for his age, he is still a man. Just like Tiger, Jesse, David, Jude, Balthazar

[Image via WENN.]

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Ashton's Mistress Is Also A Stalker!

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Bitch is CRAYZAY!!!!

The rumor mill is still churning out stories about Ashton Kutcher and this homewrecker half Demi Moore's age. Now, sources are focusing more on the background of Brittney Jones, the 21-year-old skank who claims to have done the nasty with Ashton in the house he shares with Demi.

According to sources, Britteny has had her eye on Ashton for a long time, with friends close to her claiming she was "obsessed" with sleeping with the actor before she even met him. According to an insider, Britteny had once said that Ashton wsa the "number one celebrity she'd like to have sex with" and the insider concedes that she is just the "type" of girl to let a married man twitter her twatter.

Ugh! Gross!

The source claims they have no doubt that Brittany is telling the truth, pegging her as a "gold digger" and citing that her family is the same way. Funny, we would have thought they would have come out of the wood work by now too, if that be the case.

For what it's worth Ashton, if this were two years ago, we would have given you the benefit of the doubt.

Now - not so much! You better hope Demi is forgiving!

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