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Raising Sextuplets Kids In Therapy For Parents' Divorce


Putting their family on a reality TV show has brought nothing but pain to the former stars of TLC's Raising Sextuplets.

After two years of tabloid headlines for cheating, domestic violence and divorce, Bryan Masche and his ex-wife, Jennifer Masche are seeking professional treatment for their six youngsters.

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Sextuplets Dad Not Going To Jail

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raising sextuplets dad bryan masche avoids jail time

Gotta love those plea agreements!

Bryan Masche, father on the hit show Raising Sextuplets, has been offered a plea agreement in leu of jail time in his domestic violence case. You'll recall a few weeks ago, Bryan lost it with his wife and the cops when they arrived at his home. He was accused of attacking his wife, Jenny, and resisting arrest.

A source close to the case reveals that Bryan has been offered a plea agreement, which keeps him out of jail, but forces him to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges - threatening and intimidating per domestic violence and disorderly conduct per domestic violence.

When he enters this plea in court this morning, he will then be required to take parenting classes and get individual counseling, as well as be placed on a 12 month probation.

Seems fair, we guess, since it is his first offense. Let's hope his classes actually teach him something.

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More Sextuplets Dramaz!

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raising sextuplets couple bryan and jennifer masche had problems before violent incident

Thank goodness these children are too young to understand what's going on with their parents! (Therapy for that many kids would be HARSH!)

New details are arising about the troubled times between Bryan and Jennifer Masche, parents on the hit WE show, Raising Sextuplets. Well before the violent incident that landed Bryan behind bars, the couple were facing some serious marital issues. The final straw that allegedly ruined their relationship was when Jennifer met up with an old boyfriend when she was supposed to be "re-assessing her relationship with Bryan."

According to friends of the couple, a few months ago, Jennifer was set to go on a "prayer retreat" with some girlfriends in San Diego. Just before leaving, she heard from an old boyfriend she had dated over 15 years ago. He was going to be in the area as well and wondered if the two could meet up. Unbeknownst to her hubby, Jennifer agreed. Things were alright, until Bryan found out about their little date and started harassing the guy and his wife!

The source says his anger stemmed from having "major trust issues" with Jennifer at the time, but we think he might just have issues, period. Granted, the woman shouldn't have lied to him, but we're beginning to think this guy's MO is to fly off the handle whenever things get a bit out of control!

Rein it in, buddy! These are the kinds of personality flaws judges take into account when granting custody in divorce hearings! Just saying!

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The Gosselins The Masches Are "Very Sad" About The End Of Their Marriage

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Well, yeah! It's not exactly an occasion celebrated with streamers and brownies!

Yesterday, Bryan and Jennifer Masche were officially legally separated, taking the first step in dissolving their marriage following a violent argument that landed Bryan in jail.

Jennifer's mother, who was present at the time of the argument, reveals that the family is "very sad" about the split, but would comment no further on her daughter's affairs.

Wow! Look at that, Kate Gosselin. Some people's relatives mind their own business. No everyone is an Aunt Jodi!

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Raising Sextuplets Couple File For Divorce Legal Separation

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Stupid! Divorce his punk ass! What are you waiting for?!

It was confirmed this morning that Raising Sextuplets parents Bryan Masche and his wife Jennifer Masche have legally filed for a separation.

Jennifer marched herself down to the Yavapi County Superior Court last week to file the petition, following her hubby's arrest for losing his mind and threatening to "flatten" her father.

Of course, Bryan is saying that he is "not a criminal," but he isn't surprised that his wife is done with him.

So much for NOT being like The Gosselins! Soon, Bryan will be touting around a girl half is age as a new GF and Jennifer will be Dancing With The Stars! (In their dream!)

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Raising Sextuplets Douchebag Claims He's Not A Criminal - Because He Has A Job!


What a disgusting piece of work this guy is.

Raising Sextuplets' Bryan Masche, who was arrested on charges of threatening domestic violence against his wife Jenny, is now speaking out to the press about his despicable behavior, and has the nerve to claim he's innocent!

He says:

“I’m not a criminal. Look at my record - I was in the United States Air Force for eight years before working in pharmaceuticals. Now, I’m running my own finance company. At the moment I don’t want to comment further on this incident.”

Oh, so because you have a career it means you're incapable of breaking the law?

Or it somehow makes it okay to threaten the wife of your SIX children?

Somebody lock this STOOPID fuck up before he traumatizes his family anymore!

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Raising Hell In Front Of The Sextuplets! Inside Story Behind Bryan Masche's Domestic Violence Charges!

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We're getting Gosselin flashbacks! This is so not good!

More information has been released concerning the domestic violence charges brought up against Bryan Masche, father figure of sextuplets and star of Raising Sextuplets. According to the police report, a fight broke out between Bryan and his wife, Jenny Masche, over a disagreement for plans for the weekend. Things got fairly brutal and it all played out right in front of the six kids!

Supposedly, papa Bryan wanted to take the kids on a little trip to Lake Havasu, which is about 200 miles away from their home in Arizona. According to the report, Jenny had other plans for the day and she was afraid to leave her children in her husbands care. She said she was concerned he wouldn't "return with the children." This turned into a very heated verbal exchange and when the police dispatch was alerted, they were advised that Bryan had become "more aggressive" and that there were "firearms in a vehicle" nearby.

Thankfully, the police got there in time before anything physical could go down, but Bryan wasn't pleased having the cops drag him off. The officer on the scene reports that the father of six was "hesitant and refused" to be handcuffed, securing his arms in front of him to prevent the cops from getting to him, all the while screaming and being "belligerent." It wasn't until the officer asked his partner to deploy a Taser that Bryan finally allow himself to be handcuffed, but he continued to yell and back talk once in the squad car.

Ugh! This guy sounds like a real douchey piece of work. Maybe a few weeks in jail with straighten his ass out!

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