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Mark Sanchez Talks About Broadway Theater

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Mark Sanchez theater

More than a few adjectives come to our minds when we think about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. For example, we knew he was buff, but we didn't know he was a theater buff!

Since moving to New York City, the NFL QB has taken a keen interest in more than just the night clubs the city has to offer and is actually an avid theater goer!

While his teammates are listening to their favorite hip hop or rock music to get amped for the game, Mark's jamming out to soundtracks from some of Broadway's best including Wicked, Jersey Boys, and Memphis!

With the Tony's a week away, Mark was interviewed because of his growing reputation in the theater community and he had a lot of inneresting things to say!

Check out the entire interview to read about his favorite shows, his Tony Award winner picks, and what his teammates think of his surprising extracurricular activities after the jump!

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Shia LeBeouf Buffs Up At The Gym

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Shia LeBeouf going to the gym


When did Shia LeBeouf's body catch up to his last name?

The scruffy bearded actor was seen heading to his gym in El Lay on Thursday afternoon.

He walked casually to the building while listening to his iPod and grasping what looks like a carton of Muscle Milk.

Either his clothes are getting tighter or his muscles are getting bigger!

Keep it up, Shia! With those guns you may very become America's next big action star.

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Chris Hemsworth Rocks Cover Of Men’s Health

Chris Hemsworth Rocks Cover Of <em>Men’s Health</em>

Chris Hemsworth is playing the muscle-popping Thor in the upcoming movie, Thor.

He’s also on the most recent issue of Men’s Health and looking super hawt. Inside the issue he discusses role models, caves in Australia, and acting.

Check out these excerpts:

On his role models
Anthony Hopkins. His whole approach to this business, his work ethic and attitude on set was inspiring, however many films down the track he still has that and he still is excited to be there and treats everyone as equals and everything he does, he is an impressive person. I love Paul Giamatti, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, and Matt Damon, ya know, I could go on and on.”

On fearlessly searching caves in Australia as a kid
“We built wooden swords and hammered nails into them, and we checked out the cave. My friends and I were convinced we’d meet some ghosts and devils.”

On why he loves being an actor
“I always loved film, but never thought about it as a career choice. I had a different idea of what I wanted to do professionally every week. You know, I was a lawyer one week, a doctor, a sportsman in some way, and then I found out I can pretend to do all those things in acting.”

[Image via Men's Health.]

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Chris Evans On "Body Shrinking" In Captain America

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Chris Evans On “Body Shrinking” In Captain America

Chris Evans goes from puny to hunk in the upcoming Captain America movie.

Since there’s no way Chris could undergo such a physical transformation on his own, the filmmakers had to get creative on how to make is body look tiny.

Said Chris:

"It was a crazy process doing that stuff. They went back and forth on the type of technology they were going to use. Initially, they were just going to do body shrinking, and then they thought, 'Well, maybe we can get another skinny actor and put Chris' head on it,' and I really, really was against that. I said to Joe [Johnston, the director], 'Look, I know we want this to look good and this effect to not be distracting from the film, but it has to be my performance. I don't want to share this. Your body is a huge piece of the acting puzzle, and I don't want to have somebody else's body tell the story that I'm trying to tell.'"

He continued:

"So they did some tweaking and they did a bunch of tests and we went back to the initial plan to shrink my body. Anytime my body's completely still, if I'm lying on that bed or if I'm sitting in a chair not moving, it was easier for them to put my head on a smaller body. But anytime there was movement or action or acting involved, Joe and I were pretty adamant about saying, 'Look, you've got to shrink me down.' And they did. I haven't seen the film yet, but I've seen a couple different scenes of the shrunken stuff and it looks amazing."

We can’t wait to see these effects! But let’s be honest — we’re WAY more excited to see buff Captain America!

[Image via WENN.]

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Hugh Jackman Gets Jacked In NYC

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Hugh Jackman leaving NYC Gym

Hugh Jackman was spotted leaving his gym in NYC on Monday, presumably buffing up for the next Wolverine movie.

He may be buffing up for two roles too, since he has recently been offered the role of Hunstman in the upcoming Snow White film.

With Wolverine missing a director as well as a place to shoot due to the tragic tsunami in Japan, maybe Hugh can squeeze in his appearance in Snow White beforehand.

Either way, we're stoked to see hunky Hugh claw his way back to the big screen in top form!

Judging by his bulk, it looks like he's gained back some muscle mass, but his black jacket is making it a little tough to see any definition.

We'll know for sure when he loses the extra layers as summer quickly approaches! You can't hide that body from us forever, Hugh! Ha!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Gerard Butler Buffing Up For Movie

Gerard Butler at the gym

Gerard Butler has been spotted leaving the gym pretty regularly these days.

Camera's snapped a photo of the actor buffing up at the gym in El Lay on Thursday.

He MUST be fine toning that fine body for his upcoming movie Playing The Field, which he is set to start filming later this month.

The film, co-starring lovely ladies Jessica Biel and Uma Thurman is described as:

"A former professional athlete with a weak past tries to redeem himself by coaching his son's soccer team, only to find himself unable to resist when in scoring position with his players' restless and gorgeous moms."

Sounds like the perfect role for Gerard! Who could possibly resist scoring with him?!

[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]

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Mark Ruffalo Hulking Up For Upcoming Avengers Movie

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Mark Ruffalo Hulk

Mark Ruffalo is taking a leap into the action world in the upcoming Avengers movie playing the Incredible Hulk, so naturally he's taken a leap into the gym as well.

The actor is in the midst of hulking up his body up to play the big, mean, and green superhero and seems to like the results. While on the red carpet at the Oscars this past weekend, a smiling Ruffalo said:

"Oh baby, I'm getting hard! I've lost 15 pounds and I've put another five on of just strapping, pure USDA beef."

And we can't wait to see just how strapping that beef looks either. Ha!

His wife, Sunshine, doesn't seem to mind all the time he is spending in the gym, saying with a smile, "I love it."

Fortunately, even though he's getting buff, it doesn't sound like the actor will be easily confused with a cast member from The Jersey Shore, explaining:

"They want me mean and lean, but they don't want me big and buff."

Sounds like Mark Ruffalo may be making a transformation from handsome and charming thespian to flat out HAWT sex symbol!

[Image via WENN.]

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