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Rihanna Contracts Laryngitis! No Diamonds For Boston!

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rihanna diamonds postponed

Well, this is certainly disappointing!

Especially this early on…and after such a STRONG kick-off Friday night!

But sadly, after performing only one show so far in her 27-city Diamonds World Tour, Rihanna has already been forced to cancel tonight's date, scheduled at the TD Garden in Boston, because she has reportedly contracted laryngitis!

Live Nation released a statement this morning, which reads:

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Rihanna Kicks Off The Diamonds World Tour In Buffalo, New York!

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Rihanna may be planning to take a much-deserved break from the entertainment industry once she wraps up her 27-city Diamonds World Tour later this year, but during Friday night's kick-off performance in Buffalo, New York, the Barbadian songstress was most CERTAINLY at the top of her game - both vocally, and stylistically (in her River Island designs, of course)!

…Even if the show did start later than expected, after 10pm!

But hey! She IS a bad girl, after all!

Ch-ch-check out our RiRi has she opened with the incredibly powerful Mother Mary, before segueing into Phresh Off The Runway, Birthday Cake, Talk That Talk, Pour It Up, Cockiness…and later Numb, Jump, Umbrella, All of the Lights, and Rockstar 101 (above)!

SERIOUSLY! Could she have picked a better setlist?!

It's like she compiled it with US exclusively in mind!

As she reportedly announced to the crowd at the First Niagra Center:

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Make Yourself Some Bomb-Ass Buffalo Style Cauliflower!

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Holy hell, Mariko! You've outdone yourself this time!!

We were JUST talking about how we wished there were healthy alternatives to buffalo wings, and out of left field come Mariko with a fab recipe for buffalo-style cauliflower!

Seriously, it's like eating healthy, crunchy wings!!

Cauliflower is going through a boom right now as a substitution for a lot of things, especially potatoes. We're pumped to see it transforming as a snack as well!

So fab! Learn how to make them (above)!!!

Want more from Mariko? Follow her on Twitter and Facebook– and if U wanna know more about food OR anything else, U can always email us at Questions@FitPerez.com!!

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Owning A Pet Can Benefit Your Health!

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Not only are pets cute, cuddly and pretty damn awesome, but they can also benefit your health!!

Say whaaaaaat?!?

According to recent studies, owning a pet can help your health in 10 completely different ways!!

Here's the scoop:

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Buffalo Chases Family In Yellowstone National Park!

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This family is EXTREMELY lucky!

A buffalo didn't like this pesky family getting too close to him.

So how do you get people off your back???

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Super Jelly Buffalo Headbutts Little Goat For Food

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Not cool, buffalo! Not cool!

A cute little goat enjoys some snacks from onlookers when a big buffalo starts to investigate.

Seeing that there's food around, the big bad buffalo decides this goat has got to go!

Poor little goat…he was innocent!

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Candy Pot Pops Causing Outrage

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Pot pops

A new kind of candy called "Pothead Ring Pots", similar to the classic favorite Ring Pops, is causing quite a stir in Buffalo, New York!

The marijuana-themed candy, that also comes in gummy and lollipop form, is being called "ignorant and irresponsible" by City Councilmember Darius Pridgen, who explains:

"We're already dealing with a high amount of drug abuse and drug activity and trying to raise children so they don't think using illegal substances is acceptable. So to have a licensed store sell candy to kids that depicts an illegal substance is just ignorant and irresponsible."

The package (above) clearly promotes legalizing marijuana and has been on the market for six to nine months in 1,000 stores, but the company behind the product says this is the first complaint they have heard.

Andrew Kalan, president of Philadelphia area company Kalan LP, says:

"It does pretty well. This is the first complaint I've heard and people are usually not shy. I'm actually surprised this is the first."

While one would think motives behind the package's "legalize it" message are obviously political, Kalan swears they are purely profitable, explaining:

"We don't advocate for a political position. We just look at what the marketplace wants and respond to it. It's just candy… It's sour apple flavor, it doesn't claim to be pot in disguise or anything like that."

Regardless of the ingredients, others think the candy will rot more than just children's teeth! A spokesman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy said:

"Trivializing drug use is a threat to public health because it erodes perceptions of harm among young people."

We understand parents and city officials concerns of a product undermining their authority. However, we feel compelled to point out that this is a risk that comes with capitalism and our first amendment right to free speech.

Sometimes you'll like what you see on the shelves and sometimes you won't. They have the right to make pot pops as much as you have the right to complain about it.

The candy, while suggestive, isn't marijuana and doesn't administer any kind of the affects marijuana does. In fact, it's still a heck of a lot safer than smoking cigarettes!

If parents have a problem with what kind of candy their kids are eating, we suggest sitting down and talking to them about it. For all we know, this stuff could taste really good! LOLz!

Educate your kids about drugs so they can tell the difference between candy and the real thing!

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