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A Real PINK Bug!!

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This is not photoshopped or weird lighting or the result of spray painting.

This is the rare pink katydid.

Only about one in 500 katydids is pink, making it very rare.

Diet or a genetic mutation causes the reddish over pigmentation.

Bugs tend to be pretty gross but this one is actually kinda… cute.

Weird to call a bug cute but it's just so cool.

A hot pink bug. Who knew.

[Image courtesy Richard Whitby/Wikimedia Commons.]

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Ball Girl Braves Big Bug!

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Who knew this was part of the job description??

And can we just say that she has bigger balls than the player she rescues from the big bad bug?? He just stands there and points like a wuss!


Check out this video of an awesomely brave ball girl collecting a giant bug from the court that had stopped play during a tennis match! LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT THING!!

We wonder what kind of bug it was!

Who knows! Somebody get this girl a bonus!

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The Mighty Dung Beetle

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The dung beetle is one of the biggest and grossest beetles.

And not gross just because it's a giant bug, but because it loves to recycle dung to use as a centerpiece for its home.


Check out what the ancient Egyptians called a scarab and we call yucky in the above video.

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World's Largest Insect Photographed

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New Zealand is home to the giant weta, a cricket-like monster insect.

Its wingspan is close to 7 inches!

So icky!!

World renowned entomologist (bug studier) Mark Moffett, found the bug after two days for searching an island off the coast of New Zealand.

They used to be all over the mainland but Europeans introduced rats that pretty much killed them.

So when he found the bug, instead of running away screaming like he should have, he let it crawl onto his hand and fed it a carrot.

He said:

"She enjoyed the carrot so much she seemed to ignore the fact she was resting on our hands and carried on munching away.

She would have finished the carrot very quickly, but this is an extremely endangered species and we didn't want to risk indigestion."

Moffett, who said the bug weighed as much as three mice (gross) quickly let it go after the picture was taken.

Check out his photo with the creature HERE.

[Image via New Zealand Department of Conservation.]

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The Jolie-Pitts Love Eating Bugs!

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The Jolie-Pitts Love Eating Bugs!


They are one of the richest and certainly most famous families in the world, you would think Brad and Angie would snack on on caviare and dark chocolate covered gold.

BUT Angelina claims her family's fave treat is crickets!

She said:

“My boys love to eat crickets. It’s their favorite thing… When I first gave it to them… I wanted them to not be turned-off by something that wasn’t (part of) their culture. So I bought them… and they ate them like Doritos. And they wouldn’t stop and they brought to-go boxes home. And then I had to actually ban the cricket-eating at a certain point because I was afraid they were going to get sick from eating too many… But they’re good!”

Good for them!

We're gonna go head just keep eating Doritos like Doritos.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Little Boy Befriends A Cicada

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This little boy is has an new insect pal…. but for reasons unknown to us he keeps putting him in his mouth.

Hope he doesn't do that will all his friends.

Either way, props to his mother who finds this all funny and not at all disgusting!

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London Zoo-Keepers Begin Annual Tally

Filed under: ZooInsects

London Zoo counts all of its insects

Zoo-keepers at the London Zoo have begun their annual count of EVERY animal in the zoo.

This doesn't sound like too hard of a task until you consider all of the insects and fish they have to count!

Staff in the aquarium have to head-count more than 4,700 fish while bug keepers have to tally-up thousands of tiny insects.

Mark Tansley, a senior keeper in the bug department, said:

"It is a lot easier to count the larger mammals such as the gorillas or the lions but when it comes to invertebrate, they are a lot smaller and are more prolific breeders."

We can only imagine (but it gives us the creeps when we think about touching all of those creepy-crawlers).

During the census, bug handlers have to estimate the size of ant colonies, count millipedes into tubs and carefully unearth creatures that live underground.

They may be small creatures, but that is no small task.

Last years inventory found there were more than 16,000 animals in the zoo made up of 726 different species.

[Image via AP Images.]

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