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Ch-Ch-Check Us Out In Oishi's High School Battle 'The Gay Kid'

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Oishi, the daughter of a space demon hunter, is back with another episode called "The Gay Kid," which stars none other than US!!

When a gay high school student, played by Ugly Betty's Mark Indelicato, realizes he needs to fight his OWN personal demons, Oishi is here to help!

Along with some funny and cute demons! (Hee Hee)

This will really give you a chuckle while also giving you an uplifting message! Watch us and our horns in the episode (above)!!!

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Bullied Bus Monitor Karen Klein Retires

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Karen Klein has finally gotten off the bus!

The grandmother announced her retirement from the Greece school district Friday, to which all of America says, "Duh-DOY!"

We would have been out before the infamous video was done filming, but Karen says she definitely isn't leaving because of the incident. She says:

"I'm not quitting because of what happened. That's not it. I enjoyed working with the kids. But I guess it's my time to leave. That's what I've decided."

Oh, Karen! We never thought you were running away from pre-adolescent bullies! We assumed you were running toward your $700,000!

Believe it or not, it was a little more than the former bus monitor was going to make on her 401K!

[Image via AP Images.]

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School Bus Bullies Get One Year Suspension, 50 Hours Community Service

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We hope this is a lesson to bullies everywhere.

The four middle school students who brutally bullied bus monitor Karen Klein have been disciplined!

They each received a one-year suspension along with 50 required hours of community services and a required anti-bullying program.

They will be transferred to a Reengagement Center for their education.

Meanwhile, Karen is being honored and treated like the fabulous queen she is!

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Chloë Moretz ‏Begins Filming Carrie! Tweets From Set!

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Chloe moretz tweets first day of shooting carrie

At just 15-years-old, Chloë Moretz has already killed more people than we can count in roles as a kick-ass superhero and a deadly vampire.

But before she gets her driver's license, she's going to increase that on-screen body count filming the remake of Carrie.

The young actress started the first day of shooting yesterday and announced the news to her fans via Twitter:

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Students Create Anti-Bullying App!

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Yet another good reason to focus more resources into education!

Students have developed a brilliant new app that lets anyone being bullied report the incidents for school administrators to review.

They can do this on their computers or their smart phones, which takes the tools being used to cause such stress and turns them into something positive again.

Watch the video (above) for more details!

Such a great idea! We hope this catches on cross-country!

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BIG TROUBLE For Teacher Who Ordered 24 Kids To Hit The Class Bully

Yo, teach!

That ain't cool.

We hate bullying as much as anyone, but bullying a bully is NOT the answer.

Check out the video (above) and see how a kindergarden teacher had all of her students line up to hit and/or slap their classmate who was apparently bullying other students in the class.

The mother of the slapped child is now super upset, and we can't blame her.

We couldn't imagine what we'd do if we thought our kid was learning how to draw and count, and later find out that he was actually getting hit on orders from their teacher.


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Sherri Shepherd Takes A Stand Against Cyber Bullies!

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Sherri Shepherd Twitter Bullies

These days, people can write just about ANYTHING they want on social networking sites, and now, The View’s Sherri Shepherd is taking a stand and refusing to back down!

Yesterday, Sherri took to Twitter to retweet some downright threatening messages she had received…all from some cowards hiding behind their computers!

One of the disturbing tweets from user @DaCloneKiller read:

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