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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Being Run Out Of 90210 After Bullying & Cheating Claims?!

real housewives beverly hills star considering leaving show

Shizz going down in Beverly Hills!

The ladiez have just started taping for the new season, but it sounds like it's already been a damn bumpy ride.

After the dramz boiled over during last season's reunion show, it still hasn't been cleaned up! And now, a whole new pot of messy messiness has been added to the mix.

We thought the "bullying" was reserved to Orange County, but apparently some Real Housewives a little further north have been laying it on pretty heavy with one of their castmates.

Kyle Richards is supposedly none too happy with her fellow ladiez as she's claiming they've gone on a full on attack with her this season. A source revealed the scandalous dramz going down in the land of diamonds:

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Howard Stern's Boxing Gloves Are On! Twitter Bullies Better Stay Away From His Family!

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howard stern going after twitter bullies

Don't mess with Howard Stern!

He might have turned into a bit more of a family friendly guy thanks to his gig on America's Got Talent, but he's still no softie.

And that is bad news for some Twitter bullies.

A few former fans are apparently upset that he's not the same shock jock they knew and loved in the '90s, and that's got them hitting at him anyway they can including attacks on his family!

They've already attacked his daughter's song Zoo Za Zoo released on her album last year and used pictures from his wife's Instagram to bait Howard.

Ooh, everyone knows that shizz doesn't fly!

And now those Twitter bullies better be shaking in their boots because Howard isn't taking these attacks lightly. He commented:

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Lindsay Lohan Thinks Tom Brokaw Is MEAN! Responds To His White House Correspondents' Dinner Dig!

lindsay tom brokaw

Wow, she really wasted no time here, don't you think?

We usually expect to her father, Michael Lohan, to respond to stuff like this on her behalf…whether she likes it or not!

But apparently, Lindsay Lohan is NONE too pleased with Tom Brokaw's recent slam against the starlet, as he revealed that he will never attend the White House Correspondents' Dinner again after she was invited as Greta Van Susteren's guest last year!

According to sources, she believes his comments

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Chaz Bono Tells Twitter Follow What's Up After Talkin' Some Shizz!

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chaz bono fitness twitter follower bully wrong information diet fitness health foodChaz Bono has been doing an AMAZEBALLS job at getting fit!

Seriously, he's on FIYAH with the whole thing — from the fitness routine to a brand new diet where he's cut out sugar completely!! Sadly, it's because of that diet and one of his Twitter follower's disbelief that he had to lay some smack down! LOLz!

When Chaz tweeted about anybody being able to go on the diet he has, someone decided that they were going to be as snarky as possible and insinuate that Chaz has cooks and the means to do it, so it was easier for him than the normal person!

Turns out, he was dead WRONG!

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Eve Puts Bullies On BLAST In New Video Make It Out This Town!

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Even though Eve might not have the best relationship with Nicki Minaj, that doesn't mean she condones bullying…

And her latest music video uses powerful visuals depicting school bullies to seemingly say: it get's better than THIS. High School is only temporary, and the whole WORLD lies beyond one's hometown, waiting to be explored!

Ch-ch-check out the vid, which featured Cobra Starship's Gabe Saporta (above)!

YEAH! Show all those tormenting nay-sayers what you can do! Get out and grab life by its figurative BALLZ!

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Drunk Bully Knocked The Eff Out At SXSW!! See the SHOCKING Vid HERE!

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Pay attention, Perezcious readers! Here is all the proof you'll ever need that it doesn't pay to act douchey in public!

SXSW is a celebration of music, art, film, culture, and the the best things civilization has to offer!

Unfortunately, not everyone who made the trek to Austin brought their best judgement with them! And some people tend to act even more uncivilized when they've had way too much booze!

Ch-ch-check out this shocking footage of a drunken lout harassing bystanders (above) and then getting more than he bargained for when one onlooker knocks him out cold with a single punch!

Violence is never the answer, but we're honestly not sure what else could've been done to so quickly and effectively prevent this allegedly drunken bully from harassing and potentially harming other innocent people!

The subsequent beating of the knocked-out man was certainly uncalled for, though — thankfully policy quickly broke it all up!

Meanwhile, our One Night In… Austin adventures were totes non-violent and fantastically fab!

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Charlie Sheen Claims That Denise Richards Is Now Being Bullied By His Daughter Sam's Former School!

denise richards is being bullied by sams former shcool1Charlie Sheen definitely knows how to stir up some DRAMz!

Last week, the Spin City actor asked his fans to drop off dog poo and other disgusting things at his daughter, Sam's former school, and while he still urged his admirers to smear the shiz even after Viewpoint released a statement — he's now claiming that his ex-wifey Denise Richards is being bullied by the school.

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