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Celebrity Hackers Drama Escalates! Lawyers & Managers Bombarded With Excessive Calls!

ashton kutcher beyonce agent and managers info hacked

The hackers are at it again!

It looks like the same people that leaked personal information of Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Ashton Kutcher, and many more have taken their elaborate prank one step further!

Several celebrities who wish to remain anonymous say that some of the phone numbers that were recently made public actually belong to their lawyers and managers, and they've been getting calls NONSTOP! People have been dialing the numbers on the regular in hopes to chat with their favorite celebs, and some business teams have gotten nearly

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Charlie Sheen Helped Lindsay Lohan Pay Off Her Bills From Uncle Sam!



We guess Charlie Sheen was feeling SUPER charitable this holiday season…and Lindsay Lohan is reaping all the benefits!

Despite the troubled actress having her fair share of drama on the set of Scary Movie 5 this past September, sources close to her have revealed that she and the former Two and a Half men star became close during production - close enough for LiLo to open up to him about the $233,904 she owes in unpaid taxes for 2009 and 2010!

Well, apparently, that sort of money means nothing to the MaSheen, because last week, he reportedly

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Nicolas Cage Owes Taxes On Extravagant Gifts

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Oh shiz. Guess it doesn't pay to be generous.

Nicolas Cage is being targeted by the IRS for not paying taxes on gifts he gave to people between 2004 and 2009.

According to federal docs, Nic handed out presents in an amount totalling to around $1.8 million, but he never paid taxes on them.

The docs claim that he owes almost $630k in taxes, especially in years 2004-2007, where he seemed to be the most generous.

Since his financial woes started a couple years ago, Mr. Claus Cage says that his business manager is responsible for his financial mistakes, which have resulted in "catastrophic losses."

It's awesome that you wanted to be so generous, Nic, but you still have to pay your taxes!

Think about adorable handmade gifts next time you want to give. Who wouldn't love a scarf knitted by Nicolas Cage?? Or perhaps a Color Me Mine mug?? Think about it.

[Image via WENN.]

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Will Ferrell And Larry David Lose Case Against JPMorgan!



Will Ferrell and Larry David have both not only lost an $18 million arbitration case against JPMorgan, but were in return fined $634,000 for "discovery abuse and failure to comply with the forum's discovery rules!"

The two funnymen were aiding business manager Matt Lichtenberg in his case against the brokerage firm, claiming "unathorized and unsuitable purchases of unspecified preferred securities," but the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, which handles their complaints, ruled against them!

In FINRA's decision letter, they explained:

"After three motions to compel discovery by [JPMorgan] and three orders from the panel, [members of Lichtenberg's team] were still supplying ordered documents on the afternoon of the second day of the evidentiary hearing."

David and Ferrell must also pay $600,000 to JPMorgan for legal fees and $12,000 for arbitration costs.

Double ouch!

[Image via WENN.]

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Scary Spice Calls Her Business Manger An "Evil Con Man"

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Behold the power of the girl!

Mel B is taking a very powerful stand against her former talent manager, who she claims in a new multi-million dollar lawsuit, swindled her out of a lot of money. For the first time, she is actually talking to the press about the thief and she has A LOT to say!

Her lawsuit alleges that Dan Catullo, who was also a director and producer for her new reality show, backed out of a $2 million deal, defrauded Mel B forging her signature on a financial document and even used her money to buy himself a $140,000 Audi sports car. Mel B says Dan is nothing more than an "evil con man" and she is ready to put an end to it. She explains:

"He is a very evil con artist with not very good intentions. He steals peoples money, not just our money but a bunch of peoples money."

It's true. In fact, during an investigation, it was uncovered that Dan has a pretty serious criminal record, all across the country, with multiple charges of identity theft and fraud.

Mel and her hubby Stephen Belafonte are seeking the judge to make a default judgement against Dan, but the con is one step ahead of them. He is countersuing them in response to their lawsuit

But if nothing can come from this, at least Mel B has warned others about what kind of man this guy is. She explains:

"What I think is really disturbing is that this guy is walking around LA, right now you could bump into him (and) he would be the nicest guy on face value, but underneath that, he is a vampire. He takes your money, tells you a completely different story, he morphs into these different names and characters and he just ruins peoples lives. I feel stupid because knowing what I know now, why didn't we check that or see that a lot earlier, hopefully we are preventing anybody else. I just think he needs to be stopped dead in his tracks. It's like telling a little boy, you can't treat people like that."

He maybe sneaky, but you got lots of power yourself, bb! Don't let him make you lose faith! You can take him - and you will win!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kate Jackson Sues Business Manager For Leaving Her In "Financial Ruin"


Poor thing!

Charlie's Angels star Kate Jackson has filed a $3 million lawsuit against her former business manager, Richard B. Francis, and claims that he misinformed her about how much money she made, cajoled her into buying a home she couldn't afford, and drained her savings accounts!

According to the lawsuit, because of Francis' mismanagement, the actress has "suffered financial ruin at the hands of the very person she entrusted with her finances."

Francis claims, however, that he has done nothing wrong. He says:

"This case will end at the deposition stage. It will never go to court."


[Image via WENN.]

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