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Victoria's Secret Stylist Throws Shade At Kate Upton

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Sports Illustrated cover girl Kate Upton may have a lot of fans, but 10 Magazine editor and Victoria's Secret stylist Sophia Neophitou isn't one of them.

After the SI swimsuit issue was revealed, Sophia told the New York Times she would never cast Miz Upton in the VS fashion show because her looks are "too obvious". She

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Is Richie Sambora Dating A Cocaine-Dealing Call Girl?

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Oh no! And just as he seemed to be getting his life together.

Although Richie Sambora only just left rehab to join his Bon Jovi bandmates back on tour after falling off the wagon earlier in the year, he's reportedly been linked to a cocaine-using, British call girl who claims to be his girlfriend!

Yasmin Mitri has been busted for dealing cocaine, and claims to be a 'professional published model’ with a "32DD-22-34 figure who charges $1,600 an hour or $8,000 for the whole night," now claims that she and Sambora have been together over a year after meeting a party in the UK!

She explains:

‘My boyfriend is a famous musician. Do you know Bon Jovi band? Richie Sambora? I've been with him for over a year and a half. He lives in LA but we speak to each other all the time and he sends me presents. Richie came up and asked me the time. It was a silly chat-up line and I had no idea who he was. I'd never heard any of his music. He looked hot though and came and sat next to me and we got on really well. I went back to his room with my friend. He asked me to stay the night with him but I refused. We met up and he introduced me to Jon Bon Jovi and all the band. Back in his hotel room, Richie and I drank four bottles of champagne and I had sex with him. It was great and he was a good lover. He started calling and texting me all the time and our relationship became really close. He's crazy about me.'

We'll refrain from the obligatory You Give Love a Bad Name joke - and just say, NOT GOOD, boy!

She sounds like trouble! Big time!

And we don't know when all this drinking was, but we sincerely hope that it hasn't been recently!

We hope someone is keeping an eye him!

The last thing he needs when he's trying to stay clean is a starfucker looking to gain publicity off of him!

Stay strong, buddy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Charlie Never Paid His Porn Star!


Ah-ha! It's all starting to make sense now!

Capri Anderson AKA Christina Walsh, the woman with Charlie Sheen during his latest meltdown, is reportedly ready to fly to Aspen and inform authorities that the actor violated his probation during that fateful night at the Plaza, and she has good reason to - he NEVER paid her!

A source reveals:

“Charlie had never met Christina until that night. He ordered her from a ‘service.' Christina was supposed to be paid $12,000. And by the time the crazy night was over, she never got paid because Charlie flipped out. She was furious and now she’s doing everything she can to make money off that night. She has someone in Los Angeles who handles her ‘calls.' She’s more than a porn star. And the price for the evening was $12,000. She told Charlie, ‘I’m not doing anything until I get my money first.' And then after they did more cocaine Charlie wanted to have sex and she demanded money. He couldn’t find his wallet and flipped out. He thought she stole it, but his assistant, who was down the hall had it. That’s when Charlie flipped out and Christina fled into the bathroom and locked the door. He was pounding on it and that led to the series of phone calls with the police showing up. Now she’s furious because he still NEVER paid her! And she’s determined to get her money one way or the other, so she’s shopping her story. Saying she’ll go to the district attorney makes her story more valuable she thinks and puts pressure on Charlie.”


Hell hath no fury like a call-girl unpaid scorned!

Looks like Charlie's going to have quite a mess on his hands if she follows through with her plan!

What do U think?? Is Charlie Sheen's luck about to run out??

[Image via WENN.]

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One Of Tiger's Mistresses Writes A Tell-All

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It seems like every time we turn around, Tiger Woods has a new mistress exploiting her affair with the golfer.

The latest is from call-girl Loredana Jolie, who writes about her time in the sack with Woods in her tell-all, The Real Diary: Lessons From the Good-Time Girl To Champion - and wow, she doesn't hold back!

She reveals:

"He liked to watch girl-on-girl, and the girls would occasionally join us. I would make him fantasize. I would ask him what if I had another guy here with me while he was there with me. It kind of turned him on a little. He didn't say he would try it. It would just turn him on. As a love and sexual partner he is largely endowed and safe sex with him was definitely champion status. When I was having my relationship with Tiger. I was like on the seventh cloud especially from a sexual perspective. There is at least no doubt about the fact that Tiger was awesome in bed. Men like to watch girls on girls. Tiger was kind of addicted to pills, I saw him taking sleeping pills and painkillers. He had a severe sleeping disorder and he could not sleep at night. Obviously they [Tiger and ex-wife Elin Nordegren] didn't have such a close relationship because if I was in his house where the hell was she? If I had my husband, I would make sure I know [who] was coming to my house. At that point I started realizing it was more a less [sic] financial reasons why they were married — she was in it for the money."

Yeah…nothing particularly new or exciting here.

It's a nice try and all, but personally, we think that anyone who can't distinguish between 'cloud nine' and 'seventh heaven' should be taken with a grain of salt!


[Image via WENN.]

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