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Katie Couric: Why She Revealed Her Past Bulimia

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It wasn't too long ago that Katie Couric decided it was time to share her struggle with bulimia in an effort to help others.

The reveal shocked so many because it came out of nowhere!

She really first opened up about her problem when Demi Lovato was talking about her own battle with eating disorders as a guest on Katie's show last year.

Katie said:

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Jenny Craig's 5 Tips To A Healthy Heart!

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How sure are you that your heart is healthy and doing well?

Well, regardless if you're positive, we've got some AH-MAZING tips from Jenny Craig here that will ensure that your heart stays or gets back to where it needs to be!

They're actually celebrating the second year of their relationship with the American Heart Association, and continue to support the American Heart Association’s mission to improve the cardiovascular health (including Carrie Fisher!) of all Americans by 20 percent by 2020.

Here are some things you should be doing to help your heart!

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Emmy Rossum Covers Self Mag With Flat Tummy!

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Emmy Rossum sure is one fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine lady! LOLz!

Check out this super seksi cover she landed for Self magazine's Feb 2013 issue!

Not only does she totally rock the mag visually, but she also drops some health bombs on us! Here's what she has to say about what she has to do to keep that body rockin':

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2013 Diet Trends!

Filed under: DietsFoodLisa DeFazio

Lisa D Tip Pic

A survey of more than 200 registered dietitians, conducted by Pollock Communications, a health and wellness communications firm based in New York City, revealed five top diet and lifestyle trends that will “make news and be on consumers’ minds” in 2013.

Trend 1: Natural and simple meals with few ingredients are in. Low-fat and low-carb are out.

The focus is whole foods, fewer preservatives and processed foods. Although some low fat and low carb products are fine, read the label, as they may contain excessive sugar, salt and fat.

Trend 2: To lose weight or adapt a healthier lifestyle, more consumers will look to the wheat belly/gluten free approach, as well as commercial diet programs.

A Gluten free diet can really benefit those with specific medical conditions, such as celiac disease. Some choose to adapt the diet without a specific medical condition. The gluten-free approach doesn’t really benefit the general population. If anything a gluten free diet may be too limited and restrictive and the person without allergies will get frustrated. The gluten free diet is designed for individuals with celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

Regarding commercial diet programs, I encourage people to do what it takes for them to be successful with weight loss and health goals. Commercial programs provide education, accountability and support from others going through the same thing. Individuals motivate one another and since you pay for the program you are more likely to show up and follow it.

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Coke Releases New Obesity Ad

Filed under: Business BlitzHealth

This is… weird.

Coca-Cola has just started a new ad campaign addressing the whole "soda makes you fat" thing that science has basically proven.

Guess what? They don't deny it.

In fact, they let you know that they're aware that their drinks have calories, but they want you to know that

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Burn Fat With This Food Group!

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A new study found that if you increase your intake of this certain food group while cutting your calories, you can lose weight!!

Wanna know what it is??

It's dairy!!

The study looked at randomized controlled clinical studies and found that people who ate the most dairy had a 1.6-pound greater fat loss and a 1.3-pound muscle mass increase.

Why all the positive benefits?

The researchers think that

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10 Health Tips For 2013: Stop Counting!

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10 tips new years stop counting never

Everyone makes a New Year's resolution to be healthier, but precious few actually follow through on it!

But what if there were simple ways you could improve your health?

Dietician Julieanna Hever says there are, and she has ten amazing tips for staying healthy in 2013!

Here's one!

Stop counting and start listening.

Forget calories, fat grams, and carbohydrates. The more we count, the more confused we get, and it has no benefit to the waistline. Instead, tune into your true signals of hunger and satiety to know when to eat and when you have had enough. If you eat a widely varied, high fiber, whole foods diet, you will get the perfect amount of macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins) you need naturally. When you feel hungry: STOP, close your eyes, and ask yourself, “Am I truly hungry? Does an apple sound delicious?” If the answer is “yes,” eat. If not, try curbing your eating by staying out of the kitchen and treating yourself to a non-food reward like:

· Taking a hot bath with a splash of essential oil or salts

· Surfing your favorite websites

· Reading a juicy book

· Searching social media for supportive friends, groups, and inspiration

· Playing good music

· Texting, calling, or emailing someone who makes you feel good

Check back with us for more of the 10 Great Health Tips for 2013! Special thanks to Julieanna Hever!

Follow her on Twitter HERE and pick up her rad-as-hell book HERE!!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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