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Vending Machines Might Soon Tell You The Nutritional Values When Selecting!

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Vending Machine Info

Vending machines are super convenient, but they're also not very helpful when it comes to good choices.

So what do we do?

We invent a touchpad that will offer nutritional value and data for your selections, so you can make an educated choice!!

Not only is this good for consumers, but it'll help the industry as well:

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FDA Revising Nutritional Labels

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Nutrition facts label

In the most recent attempt to improve our county's diet, the Food and Drug Administration is working on a proposal to change (and hopefully improve) several parts of the standard nutritional facts label printed on every food package we buy.

FDA Deputy Commissioner Michael Taylor cautions the labels are no quick fix to obesity, but help display important information that leads to healthier consumer decisions, saying:

"There's no question obesity is a central public health concern that the nutrition facts panel can play a role in. It's obviously not a magic wand but it can be an informative tool."

For starters, the FDA is aiming for the label's portion size to better reflect the reality of what we ACTUALLY consider a portion. A can of soup or a 20 ounce bottle of soda, for example, are recommended as 2 or more servings, while most down the entire contents in one sitting.

Sources say the new design is likely to emphasize calories, while changing or removing all together items that haven't proven useful such as "calories from fat" and the daily percent value numbers.

We're excited to see the new design and hope it is more effective in displaying the important information necessary for Americans to make healthy diet choices.

What would U like to see added or removed from nutrition facts labels?

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NewYu Fitness Monitor Manages Daily Activities And Calories Consumed!

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Thanks to incredible technology, losing weight and keeping track of your fitness goals has never been easier!

If you need a little help managing your body to make a healthy change, consider investing in the NewYu!

The revolutionary fitness monitor that conveniently snaps on your waistband is described as:

"A wearable, connected fitness monitor that tracks all activities users engage in throughout the day. Unlike other devices, it tracks not only walking and running, but biking, elliptical, step machines, and aerobic activity. It also keeps record of everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and shopping. The result is a more accurate calorie burn count."

The device connects with the NewYu website that manages the data to detail the breakdown of your activities, number of steps, rest, and calories burned vs. consumed.

Check out the video above to learn about this amazing new advancement in fitness technology!

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19% Of Restaurant Menu Items Display Incorrect Calorie Count

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calorie counts

We were happy to hear in June that big chain restaurants across the country are being required by the FDA to to post a calorie count for every menu item they sell.

Now, however, we're disappointed to hear that nearly 19% of items on restaurant menus have 100 or more additional calories than the amount posted!

Needless to say, that's gotta get fixed!

On a more positive note, when researchers ordered 269 different food items from 42 different sit-down and fast-food national chain restaurants across Massachusetts, Arkansas and Indiana, most were within 10 or so calories of the information listed.

Unfortunately, the most inaccurate listings happened to be paired along with food displaying the lowest calorie counts.

The study's senior author Susan B. Roberts, PhD, said in a statement:

"We were pleased to see that average calorie listings are accurate, but we think it is very important that lower calorie foods not contain more calories than listed because such foods are purchased by people trying to control their weight. They will find that harder to do if they are eating more than they think."

We totally agree!

This is exactly why nutritionists and trainers will recommend calorie counters to OVER-ESTIMATE just how many they are ingesting in order for their weight loss efforts to be most effective.

It sounds like it's a good idea to tack on an extra hundred calories on any restaurant meal you're eating in order to successfully stay within your daily calorie allowance.

It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

[Image via AP Images.]

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