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Kristen Stewart Appears In High Spirits While Hanging With Her Camp X-Ray Co-Stars At Sundance! Fill In The Blank!

Kristen Stewart almost smiling Sundance

Wow! Everyone is out and about at the Sundance Film Festival!

The usually reclusive Kristen Stewart was spotted hanging out in a private room with a bunch of her Camp X-Ray co-stars at the ChefDance dinner hosted by Suja Juice, El Tesoro, and United!

The Twilight actress was clearly enjoying herself, so much so that she actually gave photographers a semi-smile!

Color us surprised!

The topic of conversation at the table that got KStew into a good mood was _______________________!

[Image via Chelsea Lauren/WireImage.]

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Kristen Stewart Caught Sucking On Cancer Sticks On The Set Of Camp X-Ray!

kristen stewart smoking break


And we were so hoping she kicked the nasty habit!

Kristen Stewart was caught on the set of her latest flick Camp X-Ray and let's just say X-rays of her lungs probs wouldn't look so hot.

On top of it, K-Stew inhaled the poisonous nicotine with a busted lip from the bad ass moves the military movie requires — that tobacco CAN'T be good for the healing process!

We know all the hipsters are doin' it, but ciggys stopped being cool wayyyy back when it was discovered they could KILL you.

Get with it, gurl!

[Image via WENN.]

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Kristen Stewart's Character Needs To Go Swimsuit Shopping!

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kristens boat attire doodle

Oh honey…

This is so unfortunate! Kristen Stewart took to the high seas in ANYTHING but high fashion this week! She was shooting her next movie, Camp X-Ray in Los Angeles when wardrobe decided to put her in THAT!

KStew was rocking a faded black tank over a COLORFUL suit, along with a pair of board shorts that must have come from the Big & Tall section, and bright white tube socks and sandals!


We guess her character has limited options for beachwear?

Poor Kristen! Get off the set and get into your own bikini! You've got the bod for it, babe!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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kristen sitting indian stylewide shot of kristens boat attirekristen has a beer on deckkristen sits on the boatkristen catching some rayskristen in socks and sandals

Kristen Stewart Is Fatigued Onset Of Camp X-Ray!

kstew prof

Forget Team Edward and Team Jacob, Kristen Stewart is clearly on Team America!

We'll wait until you finish patriotically high fiving your computer screen…

The Twilight star went "commando" (the non-scandalous way) by wearing full-on camo fatigues for the first day of shooting of Camp X-Ray on Wednesday.

The movie has her playing a solider assigned to a terrorist detention facility, where she ends up befriending one of the vampires inmates.

Whoa, sounds super serious! Maybe KStew is on the hunt for the only man missing in action in her life right now: a certain Robert Pattinson Oscar!!

[Image via WENN.]

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