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Mark Zuckerberg Returns To Harvard In Search Of A Few Good Recruits

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facebook ceo mark zuckerberg returns to harvard

He may have dropped out, but they were glad to have him back!

Monday, Mark Zuckerberg made his first official visit to Harvard (above) since he dropped out back in 2004, and he was met with open arms!

While back at his old stomping grounds, the Facebook CEO made the following recruitment pitch to an audience of 250 Harvard students:

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Colleges Start The Beginning Of The End Of Bottled Water

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Brita Hydration station

Is this the beginning of the end of buying bottled water?

Hundreds of colleges across the nation are installing eco-freindly water fountains known as hydration stations so students can refill water bottles instead of buying new ones.

They are getting good reviews too. One Pennsylvania college student on a campus with 20 filling stations, said:

"They're so much easier than tipping bottles under the old water fountains. You can fill them all the way to the top."

Hydration stations are popping up in more places than just colleges. They are featured at airports, parks, office buildings, stores, and even on the Black Eyed Peas tour!

The International Bottled Water Association believes bottled water has a strong following and doesn't see these filling stations as an eventual replacement. "There is probably enough room for both," said a spokesman for the group.

Although bottled water may sometimes be be more convenient, we think hydration stations are a great innovation that will definitely continue to gain popularity.

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Plans For New Apple HQ Look Awesome!!

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Holy shiz!

Above is a pic of what the new Apple Headquarters in Cupertino, Calif. will look like! Totally crazy! The building looks like a spaceship!

Steve Jobs spoke in front of the Cupertino council, asking for a vote to approve the new futuristic new building, which will be four stories high and have an auditorium that will hold about 12,000 people.

When a councilmember asked Jobs how Cupertino residents will benefit from Apple's new campus, Jobs replied:

"Well, as you know we're the largest tax payer in Cupertino and we'd like to continue to stay here and pay taxes. If we can't then we have to go somewhere else like Mountain View and we'll take our current people with us and the city's largest tax base would go a way."

Oh, damn!

He does have a point! Apple employs thousands of people who Jobs says "ends up being affluent members of the community." This would be an extremely awesome opportunity for the city.

And we'd LOVE to visit that campus one day!

Construction on the building plans to finish by 2015.

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Steve Jobs Pitched A Futuristic Apple Campus To Cupertino City Council!

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Steve Jobs pitched his vision of a new, futuristic, Apple campus to Cupertino City Council on Tuesday, and we gotta say: It looks incredibly cool.

Check out the video above, which is his entire pitch! Feel free to skip around to see the renderings, but it is pretty cool to see how they go about getting one of these built — and Steve Jobs is a pretty charming guy.

Here's how he describes the building for those who don't wanna watch:

"It's a little like a spaceship landed. It's got this gorgeous courtyard in the middle… It's a circle. It's curved all the way around. If you build things, this is not the cheapest way to build something. There is not a straight piece of glass in this building. It's all curved. We've used our experience making retail buildings all over the world now, and we know how to make the biggest pieces of glass in the world for architectural use. And, we want to make the glass specifically for this building here. We can make it curve all the way around the building…"

Apple's plan will increase the site's office space from 2.6 million square feet to 3.1 million square feet, but the company will significantly improve the grounds around the offices, too, Jobs said.

The current HP campus features 20 percent landscaping. "It's pretty bad," admitted Jobs. The redesigned campus, however, will feature 80 percent landscaping, with twice the amount of indigenous trees. Most of the parking space will be relocated undergroun

That's quite the improvement as far as going green is concerned! Jumping from 20% to 80% is quite the leap.

We can definitely see how this would be a great addition to the city, and we have no real doubt that they'll be approved.

Good luck Steve, we'll be expecting a personal tour in 2015!

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