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Snoop Dogg Arrested For Pot In Texas!!!

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snoop dogg playboy bunnies

California is totally chiiillll about this, man.

Snoop Dogg has a prescription for it here in the golden state, but apparently Texas has an attitude about it!

When his tour bus hit a check point Sierra Blanca, another dog sniffed him out! That snitch!!

And when the cops found his stash, he

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And Today We're Gonna Learn About The World's Largest Legal Cannabis Retailer!

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Harborside is one of Oakland's highest business tax-payers. And they sell pot!

Yes, readers. Medical Mary Jane. Cannabis.

The owner of this shop takes pride in his little green boutique.

He serves the community with fine medical marijuana, so not only is he helping ease back pain, he's also easing the massive debt our country faces.

Watch and learn, readers!

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Teen Brains More Prone To Drug and Alcohol Damage

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Alcohol and Drugs may cause more damage to teenage brain

Researchers have announced Monday at Neuroscience 2010, the Society for Neuroscience conference in San Diego, California, that teens are actually more vulnerable to the harmful effects drugs and alcohol have on the brain.

From the perspective that that addiction is a form of learning, it totally makes sense that teens are more susceptible to addiction!

Just like teenagers can learn something like a foreign language much easier than adults, they can also develop an addiction easier, which could damage their developing brain.

A study at Harvard Medical School found that people who began smoking marijuana before the age of 16 and who used it the most performed the worst on a test of cognitive flexibility, meaning the ability to change response to something based on the context of the situation.

To put it simply, they were a bit slower than the rest of the herd.

According to Dr. Frances Jensen of Children’s Hospital Boston:

“Brain development is actively transpiring even in the teen brain, and [if] you throw in a drug on top of that, you could change the trajectory of brain development."

The effects of getting high in the teen brain are longer-lasting than in the adults and cannabis can stay teen’s systems longer, affecting the building blocks of learning and memory.

Just as there are likely more receptors in a teenage brain for drugs to bind to, alcohol may be binding to receptors in the same way, creating more problems for the teenage brain and harming it more profoundly than adults!

This enlightening information makes it more clear than ever that parents need to begin talking about drugs and alcohol with their kids at a younger age or we need to get Scruff McGruff back on the case!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Marijuana Without A High?

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Medicinal cannabis growers have created a strain of the plant that does not give you a high, but does help relaxation.

Apparently years of growing and breeding marijuana for recreational use have caused the levels of the stimulant Tetrahydrocannabinolreduced (THC) to increase.

Now, scientists have suggested reintroducing a strain of the plant that is high in levels of the relaxant cannabidiol (CBD).

This is pretty interesting, what do U think about creating this new form of maijuana?

Also, don't forget that on November 2, California will be voting on whether to approve Proposition 19, a law which would legalise the drug for recreational use.

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CBS News Bureau Manager Arrested For Growing Weed!

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CLICK HERE for all the juicy details!

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CBS News Bureau Manager Arrested For Growing Weed!

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That's a bummer, CBS Radio News!

CBS Radio News Correspondent/News Bureau Manager Howard Arenstein was arrested in Washington, D.C. for marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

According to D.C. police spokesperson Lt. Nicholas Breul, vice units received a complaint about the couple growing marijuana in their backyard. Breul claims they found mature cannabis plants that stood more than 8 feet high!

Really, Arenstein? You couldn't have kept the plants to a more reasonable size? And how were you hiding the very unique scent of those plants? Maybe you should have given this operation a bit more thought.

Take a cue from Arenstein and be careful when it comes to cannabis.

The guy had all types of fancy titles at CBS, and now he's kind of screwed, unless he can think of an incredibly creative way to justify posession of 8-foot-high cannabis plants.

We're not too optimistic for the man.

[Image via CBS]

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George Michael Pleads Guilty!

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Good! The first step to recovery is accepting you have a problem!

And George Michael has some SERIOUS problems.

This morning in London, George pleaded guilty to drug charges after crashing his car into a photo shop last July 4th. He admitted that he was under the influence and in possession of cannabis when the police found him "spaced out" at the wheel. The judge stripped him of his license for the next six months and warned that George could be facing some jail time.

Maybe some time in jail would be good for him. Time in rehab would be better, but we'll take whatever he can get.

At least he owned up to it, unlike some people. (Stern look at UCLA Medical Center!)

[Image via WENN.]

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