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We're All Being Worked To Death! These Statistics Say We Should Take Friday Off ALL THE TIME!

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statistics stop working friday1

Happy Friday! It sucks you're at work right now!

Not necessarily because your job sucks, but rather because it's a bit too much to drag your ass out of your house more than four times a week!

We know, we know: this post is going to be ignored by every employer in the U.S., and that's expected!

It isn't really for them — why would they be swayed in the face of capitalism seated firmly on top a mountain of stress? They're making tons of money!

This is for the employees… who might just talk some sense into their bosses and even maybe legislature — because it's statistically probable we'd be even better at what we do if we could just never work Fridays!

And guess what? The benefits aren't just for productivity! There are profound healthy and economic benefits, not to mention environmental!

Check it all laid out for you AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Brad Pitt Talks Occupy Wall Street

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Damn, he's looking extra gorgeous here. But on to the point…

With many movie-goers seeing Moneyball's fiscal questions as a metaphor for our own, Brad Pitt had the chance to open up and tell us his thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Does he agree that the protestors are important catalysts for needed change? Absolutely. But he also offers his criticism.

Watch the video we've uploaded for U above to hear what he has to say and then U can let us know what U have to say!

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Vivienne Westwood Occupies London!

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Vivienne Westwood Occupies London

It looks like Vivienne Westwood isn't a huge fan of capitalism ("corporatism") gone awry, either!

She visited the protestors at St. Paul's Cathedral last night around 8pm and stayed for hours, pledging her support.

Naomi Colvin, spokeswoman for OccupyLSX, said Vivienne is just one of the many celebrities to lend their support to the movement, concluding:

Vivienne Westwood is a great British icon and it's brilliant that she wants to contribute.

It's always refreshing seeing a celebrity get involved!

[Image via WENN.]

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SNL Alum Victoria Jackson Goes To Occupy Wall Street To Ask Questions, Gets Real Answers

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Ohhh wow! She's at it again!

Former SNL star Victoria Jackson is a member of the Tea Party.

Occupy Wall Street is obviously going to be a little confusing to her. So she takes her camcorder and goes to ask some questions.

While her curiosities are ridiculous silly but unfortunately real (no Stephen Colbert work here), she gets some real, concise, intelligent answers from the protestors.

And what happens is HIGHlarious, brilliant, and informative!

We really recommend this to everyone! You won't regret it!!!

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Bill Clinton Talks American Success On Letterman

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This is a funny one!

When David Letterman asks King Beehl Bill Clinton whether or not it's fair to blame more successful Americans for not helping the less successful ones out, Bill says __________.

Yep! Ya gotta press play to find out!

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Netflix Stock Plummets After Losing Millions Of Customers

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Netflix Price Increase Stock Decrease


It's not like we didn't see this coming!

After increasing prices, Netflix has lost millions of customers, literally.

And due to the poor showing its stock is sinking faster than the Titanic!


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Surprise, Surprise! The Saw Franchise Will Continue…

saw franchise will return

And why wouldn't it? The last most recent one opened up at #1 over Halloween weekend, so clearly people are still into it.

Here's Saw creator James Wan on the possibility of another film in the horror series:

"We would want to do something that is a bit of a different take. That's probably what it would take."

"I would say you can always count on capitalism, guys. That's all I have to say. It is finished for now, but the fact that it's such a huge, well-known franchise, means that it's going to come back at some point."

Unless they somehow manage to truly impress us with their "different take" on the franchise, we'll be skipping the next Saw film and the seven that are released after that.

Are U excited to hear that Saw will return? Or have U had enough Saw for one lifetime?

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