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Justin Bieber Meets Bullied Boy Casey Heynes Backstage!

How thoughtful! Really sends a powerful message out!

At his concert last weekend in Melbourne, Justin Bieber invited Casey Heynes, the Australian boy who body slammed his bully, to come on stage for him to tell the crowd, "never say never."

Turns out, before the show, Justin invited Casey backstage to meet him personally (and without thousands of fans screaming at them.)

Check out their introductions in their interview (above).

A truly special moment for Casey, we imagine.

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The Biebs Brings Bullied Boy Casey Heynes On Stage At Melbourne Concert

So touching! This is why Justin Bieber is the bestest!

At his Melbourne concert last night, Justin took a moment to talk to his young audience about the dangers of bullying and hoped he could inspire those in his audience to stand up for themselves and others who face the hardships of taunting in their schools and every day lives.

To drive the point home, he invited a very special guest on stage with him - Casey Heynes, best known as the young Australian kid who body slammed his bully after reaching his breaking point.

It was obviously a very special moment for Casey and we hear Justin even invited him backstage before the show for a special meet and greet to share his thoughts on his story.

How nice! His kind words probably made the kid's year!

Check out the video (above) to see Casey's big moment on stage with Justin!

UPDATE: This story just got even better, sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that Justin "actually tracked Casey down and flew him and his family to Melbourne to be at the show." Amazing!!!

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Yeah, Right! Casey Heynes' Bully Claims That He's The Victim!

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What an absolute joke!

We don't buy this for a second!

Now that 15-year-old Casey Heynes became an overnight hero after a video of him fighting back against a bully went viral, his tormentor, Ritchard Gale, is now attempting to spin the story so that he was in fact, the innocent one all along.

Check out this clip of him being interviewed by Today Tonight (above)!

Clearly, this young man isn't even perceptive enough to even properly apologize to Casey without being goaded by the interviewer and his parents, let alone convincingly lie about what actually went down, so we don't think this is going to do much for his reputation.

So sad, and such a shame.

Here's hoping that he someday realizes how horrible his actions really were, and can show some legitimate remorse.

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Mother Of Casey's Bully Wants Apology For Her Son!

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While 15 year old Casey Heynes has been deemed a hero by people all over the world for standing up for himself and body slamming a boy who relentlessly tormented him, Ritchard Gale, the bully's mother, Tina, now claims that her son and family have themselves become victims - and want an APOLOGY from Casey!

She says:

"We don't need this posted everywhere. I would like him to apologize."

We understand that it must not be pleasant to have your child become the poster child for bullies worldwide, but you can't argue that his actions in that video are anything other than deplorable! Apologies are certainly necessary, but maybe his mother should think about who the proper recipients of those apologies should be!

Check out the clip again (above)!

What do U think?? Should Casey apologize to Ritchard??

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Casey Heynes Talks Fighting Back To Bully On A Current Affair!

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Such a powerful interview. All the more reason that this kind of behavior needs to be STOPPED.

Casey Heynes, the 15 year old boy who became the underdog's hero overnight after a video of him defending himself against a relentless bully went viral, sat down for an exclusive interview on A Current Affair tonight, and revealed, among other things, that he has been so tormented by his peers his entire that last year, he even considered killing himself.

Unbelievable. It's so frightening to think how commonplace this kind of behavior has become.

Please watch the full interview (above).

Casey is such a well-spoken, thoughtful young man, and we're so proud of him for making the right choice and standing up for himself. Hopefully, his story will serve as a wake-up call to adults, teachers, and peers and remind us all that it's our job to prevent this kind of behavior before it escalates into violence.

Casey didn't lose his life, but there are many other kids out there, alone, tormented, and confused who need the support that he is now getting.

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Child Who Defended Himself From Bully Gives Tell-All Interview!

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We're VERY curious to see this!

Earlier in the week, we posted a video of a young man named Casey Heynes, who, after being relentlessly harassed by one of his peers, retaliated by body slamming the bully onto the ground. Both children were suspended for four days by their school, but Casey has become well-known all over the world, and praised for finally taking a stand!

Check out a preview of his upcoming, tell-all interview on A Current Affair With Karl Stefanovic (above)!

Poor thing! It's terrible that he's had to endure so much - especially since he comes off as such a nice kid - but we think that this unfortunately is a reality that needs to be addressed.

Although violence is rarely the answer to anything, everyone has a breaking point, and it's clear that he only acted out physically because it was the only way to make his bully stop.

Hopefully this situation will serve as a warning to those who may have thought that they can treat their peers however they want without consequence.

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Father Of Kid Who Body Slammed His Bully Speaks Out

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Yesterday, we saw video footage of Casey Heynes body slamming his bully (above) in an effort to defend himself.

What you don't see in the video is that Casey pleaded with his bully to leave him alone before body slamming him, and after the incident, BOTH students received a punishment of four days suspension from school.

Casey's father is concerned for his son's safety following the fight, and had the following to say about it:

"There'll be reprisals from other kids in the school and he still has to go to school somewhere."

"He's not a violent kid, it's the first time he's lashed out and I don't want him to be victimized over that."

"He's always been taught never to hit. Apparently other people's parents don't teach their kids that."

We certainly understand where Casey's father is coming from, and we hope that proper measures are taken at his school to counter against future incidents.

Do U think Casey deserved to be suspended? Do U think students would dare to lash out against him when he returns to school?

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