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Michigan Students Organize To Support Openly Gay Graduation Speaker BANNED From Ceremony

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Wow! We completely applaud these students' courage and would like to join them in saying, "Let Dominic speak!"

Classmates at Sacred Heart Academy in Pleasant Hills, Michigan are just as appalled as we are that a man named Dominic Sheahan-Stahl was disinvited from giving a commencement speech at their graduation because he got engaged to a man.

In response to their school's bigotry, the students made a heartfelt YouTube video (above) that encourages America's youth to fight homophobia by not tolerating hate and to #LetDominicSpeak.

School officials reportedly folded to pressure from Bishop Joseph R. Cistone of the Diocese of Saginaw, but Dominic and his 6,000 supporters aren't.

Instead they have organized their own LGBT-friendly graduation ceremony at Central Michigan University, during which Dominic will get his chance to address those that will listen. Thanks to the all the support, the keynote speaker has never been more inspired in his life and said:

“Through the outpouring of love and support that I've received from family, friends, Sacred Heart students and many people I've never even met, I've come to realize that a majority of Catholics support their LGBT brothers and sisters. I was always taught that God is love and I hope that my brother and other students will come away from my speech with the knowledge that all people deserve to be treated equally.”


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Pete Doherty Misses Yet Another Important Milestone In His Child's Life


Awesome dad Pete Doherty not only missed the birth of his daughter, but he also missed her christening this past weekend.

Little Aisling, who was born to South African model Lindi Hingston was christened in Cape Town this past Saturday, before Hingston's friends and family, as well as the baby's godparents. Pete was nowhere to be found.

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Senate Rejects Conservative Birth Control Amendment To Obama's Healthcare Law

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contraceptive pic

Thank the Lord! Common sense has prevailed!

The senate has rejected a Republican proposal to exempt Catholic affiliated employers from being required to offer employees insurance coverage for women's contraceptives, like the birth control pill.

The debate over birth control and what was titled the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act is far from over, however. Expect to see this issue be blown out of proportion and utilized during the upcoming presidential election by conservatives.

The main reason this bill was not passed was not,

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Man Tears Out His Own Eyes With His BARE HANDS During Church Mass


Disgusting! Horrifying! Shocking!

Are there are any other words that describe this scene because we can keep going…

A mentally unstable man is recovering in a hospital after ripping out his own eyes with his bare hands during a church mass in Viareggio, Italy.

Emergency responders

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Religious Exemption In New Birth Control Law Catches Criticism

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Birth control pills pic

We were excited to report that insured women would no longer have to dish out a copay for their birth control beginning in January 2013 under new insurance guidelines set forth by the Obama administration.

However, the health care law includes an exception for religious organizations that morally oppose contraception, which has frustrated members of both Catholic and pro-choice communities.

They feel that the exception could exclude thousands of women employed by religious institutions from the preventative benefits the new law offers.

For example, Catholics for Choice president Jon O’Brien in a statement:

“The multi-billion dollar Catholic health care industry has a lot of influence with this administration, influence that it has now used to allow religious institutions to ride roughshod over the needs of their workers. Not only that, it ignores the consciences of those who decide that to use a modern method of family planning is what is best for them and their families."

A spokesperson for Planned Parenthood said, overall, they were pleased by the new insurance guidelines, but "disappointed" that some women would be left out of the birth control coverage.

The spokesperson maintained their pledge to help women in need of affordable birth control, saying:

"Planned Parenthood will continue to work hard to ensure that all women, regardless of their employer or insurer, have access to the health care they need, including affordable birth control."

The new law is certainly better than nothing, but hopefully ALL women will have access to affordable and effective birth care one day!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Handyman Kills Priest And Escapes To Disneyworld

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Down in Waveland, Mississippi, a handyman shot and killed a Catholic priest using the friar's own gun!

Wait. It gets crazier.

Quickly after the murder, the handyman stole the cleric's car to take his ex-wife and kids to Disney World!

WTF is going on in the world!?!

Check out the video above to learn more about the horrible event.

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The Pope Vs. People Without Christian Names

pope only likes christian names

Looks like Catholic folks will have to go more traditional if they want to remain in The Pope's good graces.

After baptizing twenty-one children at the Vatican on Sunday, The Pope stated that new members of "the faith" will need Christian names.

Nowadays, the most popular names that Italians give their children are saints' names - Francesco (Francis) is the top choice for boys, and Giulia (Julia) is the #1 pick for girls.

…Guess The Pope would probs NOT be overly enthusiastic with Brangelina's childrens' names. LOLs.

Would the Pope approve of your name?

[Image via WENN.]

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