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Lindsay Lohan = Jewelry Thief?!


The drama never ends! Has gurlfriend turned from one form of deviant behavior to another?!

Lindsay Lohan has once again landed herself in the middle of a police investigation, this time involving a stolen $2,500 necklace!

According to authorities, the owner of an El Lay store filed a police report, which claimed that the aforementioned piece of jewelry was missing. Upon looking at video surveillance, she discovered that LiLo was recored wearing the necklace, but it's unclear if the footage proves she left the property still wearing it!

Either way - before the fuzz could even secure the warrant to search her home, one of the actress' people turned the necklace over!


We WISH we could just write this off as an accident, but gurlfriend has been known to wander off with clothes and high-end jewelry that doesn't belong to her before!

Those are some sticky fingers, bb!

Let's hope that you can convince the store owner that this little stunt was an honest mistake, as you're still on probation!

What do U think?? Was LiLo trying to pull a fast one here??

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Palm Springs Police Chief Resigns After Being Caught Making Homophobic Remarks


This is just vile.

Palm Springs Police Chief David Dominguez resigned from his position yesterday after it was revealed that he had made anti-gay slurs this past year during a sting operation that targeted homosexuals in the Warm Sands neighborhood!

The 2009 sting was also subject to controversy. Police asserted that it was in response to the public's complaints about drug use, public sex and prostitution in that area, but many residents retaliated by claiming that gay men were being unfairly targeted.

In the pre-trial hearing, video surfaced of Dominguez making homophobic remarks about gay people, and also saying:

“What a bunch of filthy mother fuckers. You guys should get paid extra for this."

Absolutely nauseating.

We're just thankful that he had enough sense to resign after that kind of behavior!

There's no room for bigotry when you're in that kind of position!


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Did Oksana Try To Extort $10 Million From MELtdown?


We'll believe it when we see it!

Sources close to MELtdown Gibson claim that they have hard proof that Oksana Grigorieva not only leaked the audio tapes of the deplorable actor psychotically losing his shit and screaming violent, racist, misogynist obscenities at his baby mama, but that she also tried to extort over $10 million from him to keep said tapes private!

The source claims that "there's a long trail of physical evidence" including e-mails, but we shall certainly see, won't we?

Obviously, if this is true then that's a serious issue, but for all the abuse that that woman endured, gold-digging or not, we don't blame her for wanting to fight back!


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MELtdown Gibson Strikes Again! Hurls Racist Slurs Against Latinos!!!!

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Mel Gibson has been caught on tape once again making more horrible racist remarks, this time calling one of his staffers a "wetback" during a recorded argument with Oksana Grigorieva.

He says in the tape that he wants to turn a worker in to the immigration authorities, using the slur:

"I will report her to the fucking people that take fucking money from the wetbacks."

Mel STILL hasn't apologized or even acknowledged the tapes that have surfaced.

What a vile, disgusting human being — can he get any worse??

And just how many more tapes are there, Mel?

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Mel's Baby Mama Denies Leaking The Tapes!



Now that the world once again knows what a raging, deplorable dickhead Mel Gibson is thanks to the recently leaked tapes of him verbally abusing his baby mama, Oksana Grigorieva, the douchebag is going into damage control mode and attempting to figure out who the eff got a hold of the tapes and showed them to the world.

Oksana herself seems to be the natural suspect, but we're hearing that Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, took her deposition on Friday, and she swore under oath that she was not behind the brilliant sneaky move!

We wonder who did then?! Or maybe she's just a liar!

What do U think?? Who do U think is behind the leaked tapes??

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