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Tuxedo-Wearing Lesbian Changes School Policy On Yearbook Photos

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At least it's a change in the right direction.

Lesbian teen Ceara Sturgis sued her Mississippi school after they banned her graduation picture, in which she wears a tuxedo, from the school's yearbook.

Not only did the school ban the picture, but they also excluded her name.


Thankfully, the school has decided to change their policy. According to the ACLU:

"The district has agreed to adopt a policy that will require all students to wear a cap and gown, rather than require boys to wear tuxedos and girls to wear drapes."

Her picture will also appear in the school library, just as it should have been shown in the 2009 yearbook.

Her response?

"I am thrilled that my photo will join [the class picture]. It’s important that nobody else will be forced to wear something that doesn’t reflect who they are.

Hopefully no other students will be excluded from this important rite of passage simply for expressing themselves. Copiah County School District has done the right thing by changing the yearbook policy so no students have to feel as if they’re out of place."

Bravo, Ceara. We are so proud of you for standing up for yourself. People like you are what help change this world.

Now if we can only get the school to allow kids to express themselves however they want…

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Mississippi Teen Suing Over Rejected Tux Photo!

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Good for her!

As we previously reported, Ceara Sturgis' senior photo was rejected from the yearbook because she wore a tux - and now she's gonna teach the school a lesson!

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit for Ceara claiming discrimination in the basis of sex and gender stereotypes. The lawsuit alleges a violation of Title IX, the federal law prohibiting discrimination based on gender.

Christine P. Sun, senior counsel with the ACLU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Project said:

"Inclusion in the senior yearbook is a rite of passage for students, and it is shameful that Ceara was denied that chance. It's unfair and unlawful to force students to conform to outdated notions about what boys and girls should look like without any regard to who they actually are as people."

We wish her luck! Equality for all!!!

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Mississippi Teen Snubbed From Yearbook Because She Was Gay!

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Nothing surprises us anymore!

In a despicable move by the Copiah County School District in Mississippi, lesbian student Ceara Sturgis was not included in the school's 2010 yearbook.

The senior photo she submitted wearing a tuxedo was denied!

"They didn't even put her name in it," said Ceara's mother Veronica Rodriguez. "I was so furious when she told me about it. Ceara started crying and I told her to suck it up. Is that not pathetic for them to do that? Yet again, they have crapped on her and made her feel alienated."

The Mississippi ACLU wrote a letter in October demanding the school use the submitted photo, but officials would not relent. But her mother did expect a reference to her daughter on the senior page, yet she discovered that they refused to acknowledge her existence.

Ceara's mother continued:

"It's like she's nobody there, even though she's gone to school there for 12 years. They mentioned none of her accolades, even though she's one of the smartest students there with wonderful grades. They've got kids in the book that have been busted for drugs. There's even a picture of one of the seniors who dropped out of school. I don't get it. Ceara is a top student. Why would they do this to her?"

She basically grew up here, but she feels so isolated. And it's not the students. The students love and accept her," Rodriguez said. "The kids even nominated her for prom queen, but she ducked out, knowing the officials would never let her be prom queen."

It's not know whether the victim will take any legal action.

Stay strong, Ceara!

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