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Your Phone Can Actually Benefit Your Health

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There have been so many reports that cell phones can be bad for you, but now, some experts say there are actual positive health benefits that your cell phone offers.

- Diabetes coaching can be found through apps or your mobile web. When patients with Type 2 diabetes used these devices, there was a 1.9% decline in glycated hemoglobin.

- Health apps such as fitness trackers or calorie counters are extremely useful for when you're on the go

- It can curb smoking habits. Getting encouraging text messages on your phone can make you think twice before lighting up.

- Daily alarms can be set to remind you to take your medications.

- According to a new study, an iPhone app that diagnoses strokes is currently bein developed. Researchers saw that the app accurately identified a stroke between 94 and 100 perfect of the time.

- Women who are expecting will soon benefit from remote fetal monitoring and remote wireless ultrasound, alerting health professionals if a woman needs to go to a clinic.

- A new program that will eventually be available on cell phones will be able to track your sleeping patterns, showing you whether or not you are receiving enough sleep.

There are still many reasons why you should put the phone down. However, with new technology, it seems that phones can really be the key to saving lives.

[Image via WENN.]

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Buh-Bye Landlines! Cell Phones Becoming The Norm In Households

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Remember the days of talking on the phone and being stuck in the room unless you had a really long telephone cord? Or making your weekly harmless prank call on a friend and no one knowing who you were??

Those days are long behind us, unfortunately. With a challenging economy and a rapid increase in technology, it seems that more and more households are ditching their ol' landlines and sticking to having wireless-only homes.

Trends show that more than one in four U.S. homes only had wireless phones and even homes that did have landlines, many of them use their cell phones as their primary means of making and receiving calls.

Experts say that people are trying to eliminate unnecessary costs "and giving up a landline is one way to save money."

They also add that "unless the carriers are able to create some new applications or services such as video calling," it seems that landlines will continue to be on the decline.

Oh well. Guess no more hamburger phones to brighten our days.

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Cell Phones Will Soon Be Able To Diagnose STDs

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Cell Phones Will Soon Be Able To Diagnose STDs

OMG this is the second big story today about new ways to diagnose STDs!

Doctors and tech experts are developing small devices, similar to pregnancy testing kits, that will allow someone to test themselves for an STD. Experts in the UK are hoping that it will help combat the rising rates of herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea among young people.

STDs have drastically increased for the last decade in the UK and reached a record 482,696 last year. Two-thirds of women reporting a new STD were under 25, as were more than half of men.

This type of technological advancement is just one step out of many that must be taken to preventing the spread of STDs, and we’re happy it’s being taken!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Taylor Momsen Bans Recording Devices At Her Show!

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taylor momsen bans cell phones at the roxy

While performing with Pretty Reckless at The Roxy in El Lay on Wednesday, Taylor Momsen asked everyone with a cell phone to put it away. It seems someone is a little afraid to end up on YouTube!

And she wasn't too nice about it either!

Taylor said:

"I know this is the modern age and everyone's got cameras and cell phones and video cameras. But I'd really appreciate it if you'd put that f–king s–t down.

I know it's very cool to videotape and put it on YouTube the next day. But, frankly, it completely takes away from the show. I'd thoroughly appreciate it if you'd put that s–t down and put your hands in the air…I want everyone's hands in the f–king air."

Isn't she a charmer?!

[Image via WENN.]

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Women Would Give Up Sex To Be Skinny



A survey conducted by the weight loss program Nutrisystem, found that people would give up rewards and pleasures to keep the pounds off — and that includes giving up sex!

In fact, the survey found that 50% of women in the US would remain celibate for the summer just so they wouldn't gain an extra 10 pounds. Only 25% of men would do the same.

The chairman and CEO of Nurtrisystem explains:

The fact of the matter is, America is obsessed with dieting and weight loss, but the majority of Americans arent eating healthier or getting thinner.

The same survey also found that 73% of Americans would give up their cell phones, TVs or computers while 25% would give up a promotion at work just to avoid an extra 10 to 20 pounds!


We've gotta ask…

Would U give up something just to stay thin???

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Would U give up something just to stay thin???

  • Nope! (29%)
  • Definitely! (71%)

Total Votes: 17,895

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What would U sacrifice for those 10 to 20 pounds???

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What would U sacrifice for those 10 to 20 pounds???

  • A promotion (23%)
  • TV, cell phone, computer (44%)
  • Sex (33%)

Total Votes: 16,527

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[Image via Getty Images.]

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Posh & Eva Team Up For LG's Fashion Touch



Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria are joining forces to hawk LG's "stylish" Lotus Elite and Rumor Touch phones.

In the print ad Becks looks great, as usual. But Eva, that hair you're rockin' is HOrrendous!

We think Ken Paves needs to tone it down when it comes to those Marie Osmond inspired hair extensions!

Unfortunately for her, the commercial wasn't any better.

Watch the teaser ad, below!

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