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Emmy Rossum Doesn’t Think Twice About Cellulite When She’s Nekkid On TV! But How?!

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emmy rossum doesnt worry about cellulite when naked on tv

If someone is baring their body on TV, then you better believe they’re a little self conscious.

Unless you’re Emmy Rossum because she’s Shameless!

The 27-year-old actress was asked if she works extra hard in the gym before her nekkid scenes, which she answered:

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Jessica Alba Says She Has Cellulite, Stretch Marks, And A Muffin Top!

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jessica alba bikini st barts family travel trip sexy body mother kids

Even if Jessica Alba DID have stretch marks, cellulite, and a muffin top, we'd like to let her know that's just fine!

Here's the thing though — either Jessica Alba has a superpower where she can make that stuff invisible at will, or we'll just have to not believe her! She's in FANTASTIC shape!!

Here's what she claims her problem is:

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Tyra Banks Says No To Dieting & Yes To A Big Booty!


It's unusual for a model to admit she doesn't diet, so when Tyra Banks shouts from the roof tops that she has a big booty and cellulite, we listen!

At Wednesday night's America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 party, the bacon lover dished about her body battles!

Ty-Ty explained that when dieting, she becomes uber focused and hates the results:

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Malin Akerman Says Her Post-Baby Bod Is Covered In Cellulite!

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malin akerman shows of her post baby bod on the red carpet

Um, are you sure you gave birth to baby Sebastian just FIVE weeks ago, Malin Akerman?? Because you look AMAZING!

The stunning actress recently walked the red carpet in Burbank, California to promote her upcoming sitcom Trophy Wife and she was glowing!

Although Malin has certainly slimmed down, she says she still not completely happy with her post-baby bod:

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What The Tabs Are Talking About!

celebrity bodies weight diets 2013


With the world still in tact and the celebrities still prancing around Tinsel Town like the modern greek gods and goddesses they are, the tabloid business is churning harder than ever for that delicious juice!


So apparently Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went to Cabo to elope. We already discussed this a lil' bit… about how their plans to secretly exchange vows were spoiled by their pics being leaked.

But with that latest KISSY FACE photo, clearly they're not that upset. You know… if they were really planning on eloping anyways. And we're kinda doubting that one… we're sure they got the memo about Brangelina's possible Caribbean Christmas ceremony.


The ever-interesting National Enquirer is showcasing the effects of Hollywood's best and worst diets! And since we all know your New Year's resolutions deal with body shape, some of these might be good to note!

You definitely don't wanna do anything in excess!

Any ideas who the bodies belong to on the cover (above)?? Obviously we wish health for them all, but major snaps to Kelly Osbourne for looking FABULOUS and HAPPY!


Kourtney Kardashian is going into even MORE detail on her post-baby health regimen! Gurl lost her baby weight and then some! But HOW did she do it!?! And HOW can people do it without a personal trainer?? Maybe UsWeekly has even MORE ultimate answers. LOLz!


Despite their various attempts to convince you of a happy marriage, Bruce and Kris Jenner are plagued

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