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Downton Abbey Gay Scene Censored?!

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Downton Abbey

The word homophobia may come from Greece, but we didn't realize the practice was alive and well there!

NET, the Greek state-run television channel cut out the gay kiss on the premiere of Downton Abbey! The Syriza Party released a statement that said:

"As incredible as it may seem for a democratic country in the 21st century, officials of the NET television channel censored the scene of a kiss between men from the TV drama Downton Abbey.

This is of course an obvious case of censorship, an extreme act of homophobia and discrimination which unfortunately, after what has been happening recently, we cannot characterise as unprecedented."

Totally lame, Greece!

Also, didn't you guys INVENT gay kissing? We're pretty sure we've seen some Grecian urns that you wouldn't be able to air either!

And if they can't handle a kiss, we guess we can forget about seeing a guy go Downton on another!

That's it. We're going back to regular yogurt!

[Image via Fanpop.]

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Victoria Hearst Wants Cosmo To Stop Selling Their Dirty Mag To Kids!

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Hearst Corporation founder William Randolph Hearst's born again Christian granddaughter wants to ban the sale of Cosmo to minors!

Victoria Hearst along with model and Christian leader Nicole Weider have a launched a campaign asking the publisher of the sex bible to "have a moral compass and put it in an opaque bag and make it sold only to adults."

The two have made multiple attempts to contact the magazine, but to no avail, so they're straight to the source and staging a protest outside their headquarters in New York City.

Nicole says they're going to embarrass Cosmo by "putting dirty sex tips from the magazine on our signs".

Yeah. That'll show 'em!


[Image courtesy of Cosmo]

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Kate Upton's ZOO YORK Ad Denied By MTV And Adult Swim!

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Kate Upton has been sexin’ up the commercial circuit lately, but the SI model's new ad for NYC based skate brand ZOO YORK is apparently just TOO provocative for the folks at MTV and Adult Swim.

Wait…What?? How is it possible that two networks with some of the most boundary-pushing, profane, controversial, and adult themed programming are rejecting

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Marion Cotillard Looks Fab — And Topless — On Set Of New Movie!!

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Marion Cotillard Topless 1

Looks a little cold out there, Marion!!

But, the good news is that you look absolutely fantastic — even topless and chilly — after just having had a baby! We can't even believe it!

We hope you don't find these pics embarrassing, because we think they're flattering!

If U want to see the uncensored lot of these pics, click

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More Yoü And I! GaGa Releases Next New Video!

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Another exquisite edition to the Lady GaGa Yoü And I video series!

And this one includes some Little Monsters - and some censored tittays!

Ch-ch-check out HAUS OF Ü ft. BRIDE (above)!


We can't wait to see what else is coming from our Mother Monster!


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Guess Who Had A MAJOR Wardrobe Malfunction On Good Morning America Today?

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That would be her Minajesty herself, Nicki Minaj!

How embarrassing! Girl just fell right out of her top on live TV! Yikes!!!

CLICK HERE to see Minajesty's UNCENSORED nip slip from this morning!

CLICK HERE to see Minajesty's UNCENSORED nip slip from this morning!

CLICK HERE to see Minajesty's UNCENSORED nip slip from this morning!

[Image via WENN.]

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Barnes & Noble Censors Topless Male Model On Magazine Cover

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Talk about a double standard!

Celebrity males are often on the cover of magazines, shirtless and showing off their bodies. But that’s not the case when it comes to male model Andrej Pejic.

The androgynous model is currently on the latest cover of Dossier, shirtless and rocking some curlers in his hair. Dossier is an independently owned bi-annual arts and culture journal.

Unfortunately for the mag, Barnes & Noble and Borders found the cover too risque and have ordered the image censored.

To make matters worse, Dossier must pay the cost of the black poly bags to cover the magazines before they’ll be able to distribute.

And despite informing the book giants that Andrej is in fact a male, the magazine is still being forced to cover their issue.

We guess the only positive side of this all is that Dossier and Andrej will get some press out of this situation.

But still, being forced to censor a topless male image?

What do U think? Share your thoughts with us here!

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