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Moore Mandy On Greys!

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Seattle Grace will get a repeat visit from one Miz Mandy Moore in the upcoming season.

Mandy is slated to reprise her role as Mary on the sixth episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Fans of the show will recall that Mandy starred alongside Chandra Wilson in the explosive two-part season finale just a few months ago.

Thinking about it still gives us chills!!!

We think she did a great job then and we're sure she'll bring the goods again! We just kind of hope she doesn't have to watch anyone die this time. (Or, you know, die herself. That would suck!)

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The Most Terrifying Grey's Anatomy Ever!


We have one word to sum up last night's season finale of Grey's Anatomy: Emmys.

Emmys all around. One for Ellen Pompeo. One for Sandra Oh. One For Chandra Wilson. One for Mandy Moore . The list goes on and on and on.

The episode was surreal, validating a series we kind of thought was on its way out. If they had writing like this every week, they'd be on forever!


A lot of Grey's Anatomy fans had trouble sleeping last night after what will probably go down in history as the most heartbreaking and terrifying two hours of the show in its history.

Seattle Grace finds itself under attack by a crazed, grieving gunman, who fans will recognize from an earlier episode where his wife was taken off life support. This man has one goal - kill Dr. McDreamy, but ends up leaving a wave of destruction at the hospital that no one could have seen coming. If you watched the first seven minutes of the episode, you know that Alex Karev is shot right from the start. Things don't go too well for him from there, but luckily, his GF little Grey and McSteamy find him and save his life. (Now if he could only get over effing Katherine Heigl…)

Mandy Moore guest starred this week as a patient. We have no idea what her condition was, but it wasn't life threatening enough to stop her from assisting Dr. Bailey from trying to save the life of another surgeon that was gunned down. In one of the most shocking scenes of the show, the gunman pulls Dr. Bailey from her place of hiding, points a gun to her head and asks if she is a surgeon. She lies and tells him she is nurse, which results in him sparing her. That scene, that one scene - 10 Emmys! 20! Do they have something like a lifetime one where you just keep getting one over and over again?

But the pinnacle of the evening involved the show's remaining core three characters. By the end of the first hour, we watch Dr. Derek Shepard get shot and lie dying in the hospital. It is up to Christina, who is the only heart surgeon still in the hospital, to save his life. Things become that much more complicated when the gunman finds Christina operating on Derek, puts the gun to her head and insists that she stop or he will kill her. She doesn't, but instead helps trick the gunman into thinking she let Derek die on the table once Meredith arrives and begs for him to shoot her instead. Emmy for Ellen. Emmy for Sandra.

In the end, Derek lives, the gunman shots himself, and the McBaby that Meredith had just learned she was carrying is miscarried. A pretty sad note to end on.

The night was a whirlwind of drama, suspense and tears. Just how television should be.

We're still not really over it all!

Did U watch last night's Grey's? What did U think?

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