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Did Shia LaBeouf Have A Public Meltdown??

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According to Life & Style, Shia LaBeouf was acting quite strangely at the opening of the El Lay outpost of The Box nightclub Friday night.

Witnesses say they believed he he was having "a public meltdown," spitting water all over his date and Marilyn Manson (WTF!) before "charging through the crowd to exit."

According to people who were at the club:

"Shia picked up a water bottle and shot a mouthful of water all over his seated date’s legs. Then he put more water in his mouth and started spitting it all over his tablemates, including Marilyn Manson. He seemed wasted.

People started taking their seats in front of the stage at the event, but all of a sudden Shia started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry. He lunged through the very thick seated crowd, and the crowd pleaded with him and encouraged him to sit down. They tried to hold him back — but he kept struggling through.

Shia had to climb over people and tear himself out of the grasp of various strangers who were trying to keep him from going crazy. His date panicked and ran out after him. Marilyn looked shocked and annoyed but stayed seated. Shia and the girl did not return.

It was so insane — he just had a total meltdown right in front of everyone. It was completely out of control. He was so angry and physical. He was determined to get out of there."

Even his pal Marilyn Manson tried to calm him down, but Shia wasn't having it.

What's up with that, Shia?? It sounds like you had a major panic attack!

When his rep was asked about the incident, his response was:

"Shia actually left early as planned. He went to see one of the bands performing in the showcase and left after they finished. Exiting through a crowded room was apparently misinterpreted. No altercation occurred."

Hmmm, we're not buying it. Too many people witnessed Shia go apesh-t on the crowd.

Shia, we get wanting to get out of a crowded club, but pushing and spitting water on your friends? Get it together!

[Image via WENN.]

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Australian Retailers Charging Customers To Try On Items


This is about as ridiculous as charging for luggage.

Stores in the great land of Oz are cracking down on customers who come in to try on clothes, just so they can buy it for less online.

Sydney ski shop InSki is charging a whopping $50 for a boot-fitting, which will be refunded when you make a purchase.

Yeah, that's a great way to attract customers.

The manager tried to validate the fee, saying "We are a very small business trying to survive. I would never hold it against someone if they got something online for cheaper, but we can't really work for free."

With an executive of the Snowsports Industry of Australia adding:

"Their time is valuable. People will wander into a shop and spend an hour or two with the boot fitter, then go out and buy them off the internet. The owner of the store wants to ensure that if he doesn't get the sale, at least he pays for their time."

Alright, we can totally understand why they'd be upset BUT at the same time, aren't they kinda alienating themselves by charging?

Maybe they should try working on their customer service before going to the extreme.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Jewelry Thief Caught After He Left His Cell Phone Charging At The House He Robbed!

Wow. There's stoopid, then there's STOOPID, and then…there's this.

Check out this news story (above) about Lindsay Lohan a jewelry thief who was apprehended by authorites because he left his CELL PHONE CHARGING at the home he robbed!

He's since been linked to ten other burglaries in that area.

Ha! We guess karma has a pretty HIGHlarious way of coming right back around!

Nice going, bb!

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