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Get Loud For Charice's Video For Louder!

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Gurlfriend is such a superstar! Oprah is never wrong!!!

If you've been missing Sunshine on Glee, then its time you get to know the real girl and her very real talents as Charice!

Check out this new video just released for her first single off her new album, Louder! (above)

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Did Lea Michele Get Charice Axed From Glee?!

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Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised!

Everyone knows that there's only room for one DIVA STAR on set, and her name is Lea Michele!

Many fans were left equal parts confused and disappointed when Charice only appeared briefly as Sunshine Corazon in three episodes of Glee last season, despite being reportedly scheduled for five, and according to a source from the show, this snub was not due to shiteous writing, but because producers were afraid to ruffle a certain someone's feathers!

The insider explains:

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Check It Out! Charice Is Back On Glee!

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Finally! Where have you been, girl? You show up the first episode and then disappear for fifteen more?! What game are you playing at?

Eh, it doesn't matter. The important thing is that you're back and you're back with a VENGEANCE!

Check out this sneak peek of Charice's return to Glee next week and hear a bit of her solo, All By Myself! (above)

You will be floored! No one belts out a Celine Dion song quite like Charice!!!

P.S. - Ashley Fink, we love you girl!

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Charice Throws Some GaGalcious Down With Princess Lea!

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Too much autotune, perfect amount of diva!

Check out Princess Lea and Charice belt out Telephone by Lady GaGa on Glee last night. (above)

It was decent, but thankfully Sue Sylvester shows up when she does.

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New Glee Promo!!!

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Oh Em Gee!

Charice! John Stamos! More GaGa! Aaaa-mazing!

Check out this brand new promo for the new season of Glee! (above)


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Lawyer Wants You To Boycott Charice's Plastic Surgeon!

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Remember all the dramz that went down after cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo revealed that 18 year old singer Charice Pempengco got botox for her Glee debut???

Now Argee Guevarra, a lawyer and political activist in the Philippines, is asking people to boycott Belo Medical Clinics, Flawless Clinics and all Belo products for the surgeon acting so irresponsibly.

Guevarra blasted Vicki Belo, saying:

"All Filipinos should be outraged at Belo’s medical irresponsibility after she recommended a Thermage to Miss Charice Pempengco: that her naturally-round face is not acceptable to the world. This is the height of Dr. Belo’s blatant insult to the Filipinos who have been struggling to fight discrimination here and abroad."

He also claims Belo "is neither a duly-certified surgeon recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons nor a duly-certified member of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons".


Now that IS irresponsible!

In addition to the boycott Guevarra will also be asking Congress to start an inquiry on how doctors can perform these procedures as cosmetic surgeons despite being properly certified.

If you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch Charice getting 'toxed!

[Image via Ray Filmano/WENN.]

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Charice Gets The Botox On Video!

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Somebody was lying!

What is the world coming to?

Charice getting Botox was captured on video — and it looks like she got some done in other places besides her jaw! So maybe it was for cosmetic reasons?


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