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Ice T's Wife CoCo Cheated?! Vegas Rapper Claims Photo Proof Of Her Naked In Bed!!

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Oh No!! And we thought that whole seXXXy picture scandal was a thing of the past

But rumor has it Ice T's bodacious wifey CoCo gave more than just a peep show to Las Vegas rapper AP.9, as the man she's been pictured snuggling up with now claims he has far more salacious snaps of the Sin City showgirl…

PROVING that what they did was far from being "innocent"!

One insider reveals:

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Taylor Swift Accused Of Cheating On Conor Kennedy! With Cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger!!

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The songstress who's made a living off of calling ex-lovers' out on their relationship faux pas has been accused of the #1 love no-no — cheating with your partner's relative!!!

A source says Taylor Swift was caught making out with boyfriend Conor Kennedy's cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger at a family event recently.

As you know, Taylor shares a lil' history with Arnold's son, but she's currently committed to Conor, so if this is true, things are about to turn reallll bad for the country doll.

The source doesn't sugarcoat it either; they say the family's pissed!

Explaining the whole situation, the source reveals:

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Chad Kroeger's Ex Says He Cheated On Her With Avril!


While Avril Lavigne was off making beautiful "music" with her new fiance Chad Kroeger, it turns out things weren't so peachy keen for Chad's then-girlfriend!

According to 27-year-old Kristen DeWitt from Ohio, her Nickelback lover was off seducing Avril… while she was still with him!!

Apparently, the timeline when Avril and Chad's courtship began and when he broke up with Kristen just "don't match up."

According to someone close to their situation, "Chad and Kristen were happily dating until they made a mutual split in May," but the weird thing is that Chavril started bumping uglies back in February!!! Waaah??

Wait, and Chad even admitted to

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Rupert Sanders' Wife Stars In Sexy Lingerie Video

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Suck on this, KStew!

No, but srsly, Rupert Sanders cheated on that ass!

As we all know by now, the director's wife, Liberty Ross, is a beautiful model. And now, we get to see her in all her beautiful glory in a sexy video

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Kathy Griffin Has Some Advice For You, KStew

Kathy Griffin's Advice To K-Stew

Deny! Deny! Deny!

According to Kathy Griffin, Kristen Stewart's biggest mistake in her affair with MARRIED director Rupert Sanders was coming clean!

The comic Tweeted:

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Nicki Minaj Cheated Out Of $100,000?!


Oh no, Barbz!!

Candy-coated hip-hop honey Nicki Minaj was apparently tricked out of $100,000 by a Trinidadian producer during the recent filming of Pound The Alarm!!

Music & film producer Ellis Briggs was hired to help handle the production side of PTA - which filmed in Nicki’s homeland of Trinidad - and was given 100K for his services. But dude allegedly did NOT render any type of service, and pretty much screwed over everyone involved!

Oh sheeeeiiit!

BUT, Mr. Ellis is claiming the allegations are

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Jesse James Forgives Himself For Cheating On Sandra


Oh! Well, thank goodness! We were really concerned about how Jesse James' felt after he cheated on his beautiful wife, Sandra Bullock.

In a recent interview, the cheating motorcycle dude said this:

"I never got one negative comment, not from anyone. The only people who said negative stuff to me were the paparazzi and they were being paid to. The media portrayed it as this huge negative thing but if anything, I got more support from everybody else, because, yes, I cheated on my wife but so do a lot of other people.

Does that mean I'm the devil? Or that I'm Satan? I don't think so. I made a mistake and I'm sorry for it but I owned up to it. I didn't lie or do any kind of BS. I did it, I made a mistake and I owned up to it and took it like a man and took all the abuse for it, which nobody does."

He obviously didn't ask enough people off the street because we have a feeling that he would get a few negative comments.

What's worse is that when he was asked if he had forgiven himself, he responded, "Oh yeah. I'm cool."

SO glad you you're not worried about devastating your former wife's life.

Can this guy just stop talking to the media already?? Whenever he opens his mouth, we cringe.

[Image via WENN.]

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