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Tom Hanks' Son Shares His Body With Ladies AND Gentlemen…On Twitter

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Tom Hank's Son Shares His Body With Ladies AND Gentlemen On Twitter

Oh Chet!

Tom Hank's son Chester Hanks (aka Chet Haze) posted some yummy shitless pics to twitter.

The modest young rapper musician posted his pics, writing:

"Ladies… This is for you. Apologies to all boyfriends."

"I deal with a lot of pretty girls…"

Then, after getting some shade for leaving out his male audience, Chet added:

"Yo, Shout out to ALL my fans– both straight and gay… #humbled but just so you know I'm straight lmao ok ThankYou."

No Chet, thank you!

As lovely as he is to look at, Tom's son doesn't appear to have his father's easy going charm and humility.

It's SO cray that he would use the world "humbled" after making these awfully narcissistic comments. Perhaps the North Western student doesn't know the definition of the word, cause not long after he wrote:

"Haters: the difference between my tweets and your tweets is how many people will ever read them"

Wowzers! We's like to call Chet a lot of things right now, but he's told us NOT to call him a rapper.

In another recent tweet he explained:

"ATTENTION: Journalists, Bloggers, etc. STOP CALLING ME A RAPPER. I'm an artist, musician, and singer. I do NOT rap…"

Tell us, if you "do NOT rap" why do we have THIS video of you rapping to a beat your "homie" made that was "fire"??

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Tom Hanks' Son Chester Needs Help With His Homework right NOW!

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By time you read this it may be too late!

Around 4 AM this morning the "rapper" son of Tom Hanks sent out this mass email his classmates offering a "big reward" for anyone willing to help him with the big paper that's due today.

Chester Hanks, aka Chet Haze, is a Theatre student at Northwestern University.

Are you wondering if Chet used his father's name to get into one of the nation's top schools, perhaps this email from Chet will help you make up your mind:

What Up Everybody,

My names Chester Hanks, I'm a junior theater major, but some of you may know me better as "Chet Haze." Or maybe you dont, which would be embarrassing for me…..Anyway, if the sound of receiving this email on your phone woke you up at this hour, I sincerely apologize. Hopefully, there may be a few of you (like me) who for some reason just need to wait until literally the LAST MINUTE to get any work done—this final paper being no exception. I was wondering if anyone had notes from after November 1st to the end of the course on their computer that they would be willing to send my way. It would be much appreciated, and we could possibly work something out as a reward for the generosity. I'm really crossing my fingers on this one. Thanks! Happy studies.

If Chet gets embarrassed when his school chums don't know his rapper alter ego the leek of this mass email is sure to put some color in his cheeks!

Watch the video (above) to hear Chet Haze's rap about "haters" and skipping class to smoke weed!

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Tom Hanks' Rapping Son Drops Another Music Video

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No, no. Not Colin Hanks. He got bit by the same acting bug as his daddy. No, this is his brother, Chet Haze. He's the musical one of the fam!

Check out the video above to see Chet in his first video, Hollywood!


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Chet Haze Is About To Go All Hollywood On You

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Your favorite rapper who is related to Tom Hanks is back with a new hit!

Chet Haze has a new track called Hollywood and this time, it's dedicated to the ladies all up in here.

Oh yes, Chet brings out the power ballad in him as he sings/raps to a much slower melody than what we're used to. We think Chet is the new voice of Smooth Rap!

Is that a thing? If not, it is now!

Ch-ch-check out Ch-Ch-Chet's new tune and pay close attention to such romantic lyrics as: "I'll be your director. You can be the main actress. Just me and you no extras. Lights. Cameras. Action."


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Chet Haze's New Video!

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If you don't know, you do now: Tom Hank's son is a rapper.

Not only that, but he's pretty decent. We don't hate this song! It's got a good beat, and he has a calming flow about his voice!

And it's cool to hear that Tom is proud of him regardless of the unusual avenue, because Tom was even at the live show!

So rad, Tom!

Chet, keep it up! Send us the EP when it's done!

Check out the video above for Chet's Another Chance, and let us know what U think in the comments!

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Tom Hanks' Son Is Back With A New Rap!

The fruit of Tom Hanks's loins is back with a fresh new rap!

Hottie Chester Hanks Chet Haze has released his latest video for his new song Freestyle, which will be featured on his new album, dropping this Valentine's Day!

It's the perfect sweetheart gift for that Big and Money Pit fan!

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Tom Hanks' Son Raps!

Yep, one of Tom Hanks' sons is a rapper at Northwestern University.

Check out Chester Hanks' Chet Haze's song White and Purple (above), which is a take-off of Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow.

Kind of strange to hear Tom's son spitting lyrics like "…that's what happens after drinking all of those Long Islands."

What do U think of Chet Haze's rap skills?

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