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Two Chimps Went To Go See Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes And It Was Absolutely Adorable! Watch HERE!

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These two chimps had a BLAST at a screening of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes!

If we were to open by saying "So two chimps walk into a movie theater," you'd probably be thinking to yourself that this is the beginning of a really bad joke!

But this ACTUALLY happened, and it was amazing!

Two chimps, Vali and Sugrive, from the Myrtle Beach Safari made their way to the local movie theater to catch a screening of Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, because DUH!

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PETA Releases Worst Super Bowl Commercials List!

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Well, this certainly takes the fun out of these!

But we're glad to be informed of the really tragic reality behind something that appears so harmless and cute!

PETA has released their list of the best and worst Super Bowl commercials regarding the treatment of animals, and while advertisers like Kia and Budweiser were rated among the favorites, it was CareerBuilder that was rewarded the Ass-Backwards Corporation of the Year Award for its clip (above) which features baby chimpanzees, despite being aware that they are notoriously taken away from their mothers after birth, and trained violently for usage in the media, before being discarded at roadside zoos!

Just terrible!

Meanwhile, Sketchers was also noted for their promotion of dog racing in their ad (after the jump!), which is also notorious for its less-than-stellar treatment of greyhounds while they can race, and once they are too old or injured, are discarded or put down!

So unfortunate. We sincerely hope that these companies take the time to get educated on what has proven to be very irresponsible marketing, and ensure that their commercials reflect such in the coming years!

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Elephants Are Smart… Maybe Too Smart

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Elephants are a little too smart

An Elephant never forgets - because it's super smart.

In a series of tests, the giant mammals learned to cooperate to solve a problem, unlike other animals, researchers reported on Monday.

Elephants are socially complex, explained lead researcher Joshua M. Plotnik.

"They help others in distress. They seem in some ways emotionally attached to each other, so you would expect there would be some level of cooperation."

The elephants caught on as quickly as chimpanzees, elevating themselves to such heady company as great apes, dolphins and crows, according to researchers at England's Cambridge University.

One researcher noticed:

"Elephants are big, they're social, they live long lives and they're really, really smart."

But really - should we be worried about an elephant uprising? Hah!

[Image via WENN.]

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Emily Deschanel Stands Up For Chimps

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emily Deschanel Fights for Chimps

Go Em!

She plays a forensic scientist on the hit Fox show “Bones,” but Emily Deschanel helps stop crimes in real life, too:

the actress and animal lover is currently fighting for the lives of 14 chimps being used for testing by the National Institue of Health.

Deschanel sent the NIH a letter after learning that they plan to send 14 aging chimpanzees from the Alamogordo Primate Facility (a rehab and retirement facility for chimps used in testing) to a research center with a “long history of animal abuse."f

Deschanel wrote:

“Each individual chimpanzee has his or her own story. As you know, their stories are all filled with pain and suffering. But you have an opportunity to give these 14 chimpanzees’ stories a happy ending.”

The chimps won a recent victory when the NIH suspended plans to move a huge group of 186 chimps from the rehab facility to the research center. However, the fate of the 14 chimps is still in question.

Deschanel has been heavily involved in animal rights cases in the past, is an outspoken vegan (along with her sister, “500 Days of Summer” star Zooey Deschanel), and even won the “Humane Advocate Award” from the Humane Society.

Read Emily's letter to NIH After The Jump.

[Image via WENN.]

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Wild Cheetah Puts Spotlight On Illegal Animal Trade

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Cheetah appearance in public spotlights illegal animal trade in middle east

When a wild cheetah walked the streets of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates earlier this month, it caused a stir with the citizens, but more importantly has put a spotlight back on the illegal trade of exotic animals that thrives in the Middle East.

Beyond cheetahs, the thriving exotic market sells all kinds of animals including chimpanzees, green velvet monkeys, bush babies, bears, pythons, tortoises, and birds of prey.

Although the problem extends around the globe, experts agree that in the Middle East, "there are some aspects of illegal trade that are particular or peculiar to the region."

The Middle East is the world's "premier destination" for illegally-traded birds of prey and some wealthy exotic pet collectors, who consider themselves above the law - and pay $200,000 for a falcon.

Besides taking animals prisoner and out of their natural habitat, there are bigger problems that stem from this illegal trade.

Mohamed Elsayed, Middle East program officer for the International Fund for Animal Welfare, says:

"The trouble is people who have no knowledge about the proper care of animals put the animals at risk and create the real possibility of transmitting disease from exotic pets to humans."

He can say that again! Anybody see Outbreak?

All but three middle eastern countries have signed an initiative to limit and prevent this illegal and cruel trade.

Let's hope the world can work together to stop it everywhere else too!

[Image via AP Images.]

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