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New PSA: Last Chance For Animals

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Christopher Ameruoso has a new PSA for Last Chance for Animals.

It's called Adopt, Don't Shop.

That means that you should be rescuing your pets from the pound, not buying them from stores supplied by puppy mills.

If people stop buying pets from stores, the demand from puppy mills will disappear and they will close down AND they will simultaneously be helping to curb the homeless pet epidemic.

Check out the above video and try and not rescue a dog after watching it.

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Elisabetta Canalis Saved Pigeon's Life

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Elisabetta Canalis rescued a pigeon that she found bleeding on the streets of el lay.

Everyone told her to just put it down, that there was nothing she could do for it.

Like a true animal friend she took him home and nursed him back from the brink.

Then she brought him to the Wildlife Care of Ventura County and they got him back to full health.

Christopher Ameruoso, famed celeb photographer and animal activist, shot a photo of her just before she released the pigeon back into the wild.

With most people disregarding pigeons as nothing but pests, it's really special to see someone take such an interest.

You go, gurl.

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Christopher Ameruoso's New PSA

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Christopher Ameruoso, famed celebrity photographer, has done a new PSA for Last Chance for Animals.

LCA is an organization similar to PETA in that they fight for animal rights when it comes to testing, abuse, mass breeding or really anything other than loving and hugging the cuddly critters.

The new PSA's poster features Mackenzie Phillips and one of her cute five rescue dogs.

The poster's tagline, "Adopt Don't Shop" is something we should all live by. So why don't you go adopt a dog. Save them from a shelter. Right now. We'll wait.

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A Very Important Video

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Pet photog Christopher Ameruoso has done a PSA for Last Chance for Animals.

On their site, they have a list of companies that do and don't use animal testing for their cosmetics.

It really brings to light what innocent test animals must go through just so you can wear some lipstick or put on some mascara.

Check out the powerful above video, but be warned, it can get a bit graphic.

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New PSA for Last Chance For Animals

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That's f-ed up!!

This brand new Public Service Announcement from Last Chance for Animals produced by Christopher and Daniela Ameruoso gives us the the creeps.

If you're thinking of going vegan or vegetarian this may help sway you in that direction!

WARNING: this video shows graphic images of animal abuse.

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