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Next Week, On True Blood

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Vampire Detective Stabler! Our heart is BROKEN!

We knew last night after watching the Comic-Con preview that shiz was going to get REAL on True Blood, but HOLY HELL!

They dropped one SERIOUS bomb in the last few minutes, leaving us SUPER anxious for next week's all-new episode of the HBO drama!

Ch-ch-check out the preview for In The Beginning (above)!

Looks like Sookie's going to be

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True Blood Sinks Its Fangs Into Entertainment Weekly!

true blood eric jessica alexander skarsgard ew cover

Do you see what we did up there??

That's the next ship we're jumping on. So be warned!! Ha!

True Blood has possessed Entertainment Weekly with these brilliant collectable covers. And we are just in awe!!

How are we supposed to pick?? Sigh.. remind us to tell Siri we need to buy a copy of each one.

Don't ya just love 'em (below)?? They're all so PERFECT!!

Ugh! Why must we wait any longer, HBO?? Give us the season premiere TONIGHT!!

We mean… what if the world ends by June 10? Huh? What then!?!? ;)

[Image courtesy of Alexei Hay & Entertainment Weekly.]

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EXPLOSIVE New True Blood Season 5 Trailer!!


Flashbacks, and seXXX and EXPLOSIONS!!!

OMG, this season of True Blood may be its best yet!

King Vampire Bill and seksi Vampire Alexander Skarsgard Eric are gonna force Sookie to help them Russell Edgington and "The Authoritah!"

Here's the highlights from the trailer: Sam is fighting with a crossbow (Hunger Games much?); like the T-Mobil girl, Sookie gave herself a leather make-over; Jessica is getting worse; and Christopher Meloni is gonna be a total badass!

Enough chit-chat! PRESS PLAY to watch the FRIST True Blood Season 5 Trailer!!

Thirsty for more sticky season 5 deets?? CLICK HERE for next season's spoilers!!

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True Blood Raises The Stakes!!!

true blood season 5 poster sookie eric


But that's just for Sookie's sake… we still LOVE seein' the rest of these seksi men waltz around Bon Temps!!!

And in ONE month we'll be able to see err'body roun' dem parts — old and new (heyyy Christopher Meloni)!! ECSTASY!!!

Thank goodness HBO keeps throwing out media swag like these new posters, or we would just DIE of anticipation. LOL!!

Feast UR eyes on these magically photoshopped miracles of joy (below)!!

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True Blood Reveals New Characters In Never Before Seen Pics!!!

true blood season 5 new girl eric bill stephen moyer alexander skarsgard

WHO is THAT gurl!?!

We knew our beloved Alexander Skarsgard was kissing someone new in the trailer, but we couldn't get a good look at her face. Nobody could… it's all the Truebies are talking about, LOL!!

We've read some theories that this particular new gurl is actually Eric's sister, but… we don't remember anything about that in his flashbacks!

ANYWAY, we didn't think it was possible, but True Blood has us even MORE excited about Season 5 with these brand new pics (below)!!!

Gah, we can't wait to see Christopher Meloni as a vampire!! We bet Mariska Hargitay really misses that fox of man, LOL!!

[Image via HBO.]

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Christopher Meloni Is Going To Africa To Catch Kony!

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Christopher Meloni has had enough of this Joseph Kony baloney. Instead of sitting around and waiting for America to do something about this dangerous dictator, the Law & Order: SVU actor has decided it's time to take matters into his own hands and is going to Africa to hunt him down!

Check out this HIGHlarious Funny or Die video above that is actually a creative promotion for the Enough Project.

Our favorite line? "If Joseph Kony can't be brought to justice, I'm gonna bring justice to Joseph Kony."

Ha! Love it!

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No More SVU, No Problem! Christopher Meloni May Join True Blood Cast!!!

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Christopher Meloni may be back on TV very soon!

Meloni suddenly left Law & Order: SVU in the spring but reports say he might be joining the cast of True Blood!

True Blood will enter its fifth season and Meloni could come on as a major player in the series.

His new role would be

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